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20mm Concrete Silver Detail
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20mm Concrete Silver Paving

Measuring at 60cm x 60cm, our Concrete Silver porcelain paving slabs can be utilised within a variety of exterior space designs! With the ability to be traditionally installed using a suitable adhesive such as cement these silver paving slabs can also be dry-installed using our pedestal support system.
Paving slabs shown in some of these images are rectangular. We offer the 60cm x 60cm square format.

Thickness: 20mm Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm

Concrete Silver Paving Key Features

10 Random Print Design Variations

Each Concrete Silver paving slab is randomly assigned one of 10 unique design variations. These 10 different ‘faces’ help to give your patio a nice, natural look – just another reason why this product represents fantastic value for money.

Grip Factor - 5

Each one of our products is assigned a Grip Factor rating of between 1 (very low slip resistance) and 5 (very high slip resistance). With a rating of 5, our Concrete Silver paving slabs offer the highest levels of grip to be used in a variety of exterior spaces.

Shade Variation - Moderate (V3)

These Concrete Silver paving slabs have been assigned a Shade Variation rating of V3, meaning a finished floor using these slabs will offer a noticeable difference in shade and colour – perfect if you’re looking to create an eye-catching design.

Textured Grip

Our silver paving has been created with a textured finish and high-grip surface. Making it perfect for any design looking to replicate the look and feel of natural concrete, whilst maintaining high levels of grip.

Watch our Concrete Silver Paving Video!

If you’re still undecided about our Concrete Silver paving slabs, take a look at our showcase video! Gain a more detailed look where you can see these silver porcelain slabs in all their glory and have a clearer idea of how they will look within your exterior space.Order A Sample

Dry-install Your Concrete Silver Paving

Removing the requirement for adhesives such as cement or mortar, installing our 20mm Concrete Silver paving has never been easier! Using our state-of-the-art pedestal system, you are able to dry-install these silver slabs onto our innovative supports. An easy task that any DIY enthusiast can complete - If you need any assistance, our team of professional installers are on hand to provide help when needed.Find Out More

Concrete Silver Paving Gallery

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