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Porcelain tile Care & Maintenance

For normal everyday dirt and grime warm soapy water is sufficient. For more aggressive stains see details below:

Dirt Types:

  • Oils - vegetable and animals fats, beer, wine, coffee and food waste. Nicotine, tea, shoe polish etc.
  • Inks, rust stains, felt pen.
  • Oils and mineral (mechanical) fats, tyre/tyre rubber, resins or paints, candle wax, synthetic shoe polish.
  • General greyness, colour loss due to dirt accumulation.
  • Daily cleaning.


  • Alkaline-based exterior floor detergents, caustic soda, potash
  • Acid-based exterior floor detergents, muriatic acid, oxalic acid
  • Solvents: trichloroethylene, turpentine, acetone
  • Acid or solvent based detergents
  • Common detergents free from waxes or perfumed oils. For stubborn rust stains we recommend: Filano Rust