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Beautiful Stone Effect Porcelain

Our gorgeous stone effect paving slabs are incredibly sturdy, and thanks to their low porosity, they absorb very little moisture (less than 0.05%). Unlike natural stone pavers, our porcelain patio slabs do not require sealant, so you can sit back and enjoy your outdoor space stress-free!

Stain ResistantStain-Resistant
Slip ResistantSlip-Resistant
Frost proofFrostproof
Fade ResistantFade-Resistant

Why Choose Stone Effect Porcelain Tiles?

Unlike natural stone pavers, our stone effect tiles and patio slabs do not require regular sealing to protect them. Their low porosity makes them very resistant to stains and water damage, and they won't fade in the sunshine - so your patio will look fabulous for years, regardless of the weather forecast!

All of our stone effect porcelain slabs are made from top-quality materials and baked at exceptionally high temperatures (over 1,000°C), resulting in ultra-strong vitrified tiles. Our products are rectified, ensuring that all tiles are the same size and that all angles measure exactly 90 degrees.

Stone effect paving slab

Frequently Asked Questions

How Do You Make Porcelain Tiles Look Like Stone?

When making stone-effect porcelain tiles, we carefully study the colours, patterns and textures in the natural stone we're trying to replicate. As our stone-effect tiles are manufactured, we make sure that they mimic natural stone while boasting all the low-maintenance qualities of porcelain tiles. We offer excellent shade variation in our stone-effect tile ranges, which means that we can replicate the charming inconsistencies that you'd find in real stone patterns. 

We find that homeowners prefer our stone-effect porcelain tiles over natural stone pavers because they're more durable and easier to maintain. If you're considering stone pavers for your home or garden, be sure to take a look at our stone-effect porcelain tiles first!

Stone effect tile

Grip Factor

All of our porcelain paving products are assigned a ‘Grip Factor’ rating between 1 (very low slip resistance) and 5 (very high slip resistance). Tiles with a rating of 2 or lower are only suitable for indoor use - so if you want to install your stone effect tiles outdoors with minimal risk of slips and falls, look for a Grip Factor rating of 3 or more.

Porcelain tiles that look like stone

Shade Variation

PrimaPorcelain products are also given a 'Shade Variation' rating to give you a rough idea of how much the colour varies from one tile to the next. Most of our stone effect paving slabs have a slight (V2) or moderate (V3) Shade Variation rating, meaning that your finished patio will look fairly uniform but with a subtle variegation - just as you'd expect from natural stone.

Textured stone effect paving

Textured Stone Effect Tiles

The texture of our stone effect porcelain tiles differs depending on the thickness you choose. Our indoor tiles are on the thinner side (ranging from 8mm to 11mm thick), and they're manufactured with a relatively smooth finish to provide maximum comfort in the home. Our 20mm thick outdoor tiles are more robust, and they have a textured, high-grip surface, offering excellent grip while more closely mirroring the look and feel of natural stone.

Dry-Install Your Stone Effect Patio Slabs

Installing your stone effect porcelain paving slabs couldn't be simpler. Our pedestal support system eliminates the need for cement and adhesives, providing a sturdy foundation for your new patio with none of the usual mess. The innovative Easy-Frame system offers another way to dry-install your stone effect paving.

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