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Paving Calculator

Paving Calculator

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Accessories for PrimaPorcelain Paving Slabs

All of our paving accessories are specifically approved for use with PrimaPorcelain products.

Our high-quality porcelain paving slabs are easy to install, and once they're in place, they will look fantastic for years with virtually zero maintenance.

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Paving Installation Accessories
Porcelain Paving on Pedestal Supports

Pedestal Supports

Our innovative pedestal supports can be used to dry-install PrimaPorcelain paving slabs with no cement or adhesive. This installation method is straightforward and mess-free! Please note: the pedestal supports are only compatible with our 20mm thick tiles.

Pedestal Support Extension Collar

Extension Collars

Our adjustable 43-58mm pedestal supports can be fitted with up to 7 extension collars to raise the height of your tiles. Each extension collar adds an extra 30mm. We do not recommend exceeding a maximum total height of 270mm.

Patio with Porcelain Paving

Grout & Adhesive

Would you prefer to use a more traditional installation method? No problem! We offer a selection of specialist grout and adhesive options for our 20mm thick paving slabs. (Apologies - we do not currently supply adhesive for use with our indoor tiles.)