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More Durable than Granite Paving Slabs!
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Porcelain vs Granite Paving

There are many, many reasons why granite paving slabs are such a popular choice for the garden, but perhaps the most important reason of all is their durability. Granite is often touted as the sturdiest paving product of all; you’d think it would take something pretty spectacular to damage those heavy stone slabs!

But as with limestone, sandstone, and all other forms of natural stone paving, granite is perilously porous. Those slabs may be thick, and we don’t doubt that they’re capable of coping with a lot of weight, but even the heaviest paving slabs can be utterly ruined by moisture if they’re not designed to deal with it. Every British garden sees its fair share of rain, and if you choose the wrong paving product, your pretty patio could end up looking rather washed out!

Porcelain Paving Slabs

If you want to steer clear of unsightly stains and moisture damage, porcelain paving slabs are perfect. Porcelain is a truly high-endurance paving product; our tiles and paving slabs aren’t very porous at all, which means that they absorb less water and minimise the risk of moisture damage. They also require very little maintenance, allowing you to forget about tedious chores and relax in your beautiful new outdoor space.
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Attractive Minimal Look

Another often-quoted benefit of granite paving is its attractive, minimal look. The natural stone has a timeless appeal, but the sleek grey colour and the clean, straight lines give the paved area a modern edge. We’ve established that porcelain is the more durable paving product, but can it compete with the smooth, stylish appearance of granite paving slabs?

Well, in our opinion…yes it can! Our porcelain paving is available in a variety of colours and designs, ranging from creamy Italian Limestone Vanilla to dazzling, multi-hued Quartz Twilight. We can even help you to replicate the stony, organic look of granite paving slabs – browse our stone-look products here!

If you want beautiful, high-strength paving that gives stellar results without too much effort, you’ll find that our porcelain products are far superior to traditional granite paving. Order a free sample if you’d like to see the quality for yourself, or email info@primaporcelain.co.uk to start discussing your project with our expert porcelain team.
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