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Wood Effect Porcelain Tiles

If you're looking for wood effect porcelain paving that combine quality with practicality, look no further.

Our wood effect tiles are manufactured using only the best materials, ensuring their quality and reliability. Each tile is rectified, which means they are all exactly the same size with precise 90-degree angles.

Our porcelain slabs are baked at temperatures exceeding 1,000°C, causing them to vitrify and harden. Not only does this make our wood effect paving exceptionally durable, it also means that the slabs have a very low porosity, absorbing just 0.05% of moisture.

So, our wood effect outdoor tiles are the perfect choice for gardens and patios! If you're renovating your kitchen or another high-moisture interior space, our 10mm thick indoor tiles are a fantastic alternative to traditional wood flooring.

Wood effect paving slab



Wood effect tile

Slip Resistance

All PrimaPorcelain tiles are given a ‘Grip Factor’ rating to tell you how much slip resistance each product offers. Ratings range from 1 to 5, and the higher the Grip Factor rating, the higher the grip. Our wood effect outdoor tiles have a Grip Factor rating of 5 - our highest rating - whick makes them ideal for outdoor spaces and even swimming pool / hot tub surrounds. We also offer wood effect tiles that are specifically designed for indoor use; these have a Grip Factor rating of 3, which is lower but still represents a good level of slip resistance.

Paving that looks like wood

Shade Variation

Our wood-effect porcelain paving slabs offer a moderate level of shade variation (V3 Shade Variation rating). This means that you will notice subtle differences in colour, tone and shade from one tile to the next - just as you would with real wood flooring. The result is a luxurious effect that perfectly complements the naturalistic appearance of our wood effect tiles.

Wood effect porcelain

Smooth or Textured?

As you might expect, our wood effect outdoor tiles have a slightly different finish to the thinner indoor tiles. Our 10mm thick interior tiles are finished with a fine-textured surface, whereas the 20mm thick wood effect paving slabs are finished with a high-grip surface that's optimised for safe outdoor use. In both cases, the texture of the tile provides a bit of extra slip resistance without compromising the authentic wooden floorboard effect.

Dry-Install Your 20mm Wood Effect Porcelain Paving

Our 20mm wood effect outdoor tiles can be dry-installed using our state-of-the-art pedestal paving system, enabling efficient and secure installation without the need for any sort of adhesive. As another alternative, your wood effect paving slabs can be dry-installed using our innovative Easy-Frame system.

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