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Pedestal Supports for Quick and Easy DIY Installation

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The 20mm thick paving is designed for dry installation using our pedestal supports which range in height from 15mm to 200mm*. This allows you to achieve a level surface very easily whilst also increasing both thermal and acoustic insulation. The void between the porcelain paving slabs and the substrate allows for housing cables and pipes. This is the quick and easy solution for installation as no paving skills are necessary, and is therefore ideal for DIY enthusiasts!. No mortar, adhesive or grout is required for installation meaning our 20mm paving is clean to install. The surface can be used immediately – no curing time is required for mortar/cement or adhesive and the paving slabs are also easy to take up and move elsewhere.

* Please note: should dry installation not be feasible, these 20mm paving slabs can also be laid in the traditional manner on a mortar/cement base.

Fixed Support Disc

Fixed supports are the ideal solution when you have a reasonably sound, level surface with no requirement to raise the finished surface. The support disc is 12mm thick and we recommend using a 3mm thick rubber shim on top. This gives a total build up of 35mm including the porcelain paving. The support disc is very versatile to use allowing you to use one product for the main flooring area and then just “snap” in half to create a support for edges, “snap” in quarters to create a support for internal corners or alternatively “snap” out a quarter of the disc for external corners. The rubber shim helps to create friction between the porcelain and the support disc to prevent the paving moving.

Leveller for Fixed Support Disc

This leveller is specifically designed to be used with our fixed support disc (see above). If you are laying your paving slabs on a slight slope, the leveller will help to correct the incline and provide you with a professional-looking level surface in your garden. For sharper inclines, we recommend using our support pedestals; since the fixed support disc cannot be adjusted, it is better-suited to surfaces that are relatively level to begin with.

3mm Rubber Shim

If you are using the fixed support discs to lay your porcelain paving, we strongly recommend that you use this small rubber shim with each support disc.

Support Pedestal

The support pedestals with fixed head are available in several sizes providing a height build up ranging from 25 to 270mm. This allows you to have a finished surface height including the porcelain paving of anything between 45mm and 290mm. The threaded head allows the pedestal to be adjusted to the desired height.

Our adjustable and support pedestals create an approximate minimum gap of 2mm between each slab on rectified slabs, non-rectified can vary but WILL be bigger than 2mm.
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