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Sandstone Paving
Can Porcelain Measure Up?
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Porcelain vs Sandstone

A lot of homeowners have a serious yearning for sandstone paving slabs, and it isn’t hard to work out why. Their gorgeously natural appearance can make a garden seem like it’s glowing, and the smooth stone surface is appealing in the extreme, especially if you’re tired of mowing the lawn every few weeks.

We can’t deny that sandstone paving is a hugely attractive choice for any outdoor space – anyone can see how beautiful it is, and modern-looking stone garden paving is a very popular choice right now. But while sandstone slabs could well put your lawnmower out of a job, remember that they aren’t completely maintenance-free.

Sandstone paving slabs can’t compete!

Like any natural stone paving product, sandstone comes with a rather high porosity, and this can lead to severe moisture damage, dulling and degrading the perfect stone surface you were so keen to add to your garden. To keep everything looking good, you’ll have to seal your sandstone paving slabs – this will keep moisture at bay and stop the stones from staining, but you’ll probably have to repeat the sealing process on a yearly basis to ensure that your stone paving goes the distance.
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If you’re still not convinced that porcelain can measure up to the appeal of sandstone paving slabs, we’d encourage you to order a free sample and find out first-hand how wonderful our porcelain products are. If you have any questions about the difference between porcelain and other forms of stone garden paving, give us a call on 029 2080 3756. PrimaPorcelain products can be used to create a smooth transition between indoor and outdoor spaces. Simply use our 10mm tiles indoors, and combine these with either our 20mm paving slabs (which can be dry-installed with pedestal supports) or our 10mm tiles (which will need to be installed using adhesive) outdoors.

For further information about PrimaPorcelain products, please give us a call on 029 2080 3756.
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