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See how PrimaPorcelain compares!

Porcelain tiles are an exceedingly attractive and robust flooring solution for all kinds of indoor and outdoor spaces. They come in a huge variety of different designs (some of which are indistinguishable from natural stone), and their low porosity means that they’re practically immune to staining and water damage. They’re also very low-maintenance, with no sealing required!

All of our porcelain products have been ‘vitrified’, resulting in a much stronger and robust composition, making them perfect for any environment. This gives our porcelain tiles and slabs an edge over other types of tiles as they can be used in a number of various living spaces. To demonstrate this, we’ve put together a series of comparisons that show how porcelain measures up against other types of tiles and paving products – read on and we think you’ll agree that there really is no contest!

Natural Stone

Natural stone paving is authentically beautiful and fairly hard-wearing, but it is far more porous than porcelain and thus more vulnerable to water damage.PrimaPorcelain VS. Natural Stone


Ceramic tiles are a very popular choice for all kinds of projects, but they are neither strong nor resilient enough to compete with our robust porcelain products.PrimaPorcelain VS. Ceramic


In spite of sandstone’s warm, natural beauty, it is a natural stone product and therefore has a high porosity. This means that you’ll have to seal your sandstone slabs regularly to prevent deterioration.PrimaPorcelain VS. Sandstone


Porcelain is longer-lasting and less absorbent than limestone, and we at PrimaPorcelain have a variety of limestone-esque styles available that don’t compromise on durability.PrimaPorcelain VS. Limestone


Can porcelain tiles really be stronger than tough, heavy granite? Surprisingly, yes – find out how in our slab vs. slab comparison!PrimaPorcelain VS. Granite


Slate tiles look stunning wherever you install them, but natural slate requires a lot of upkeep to prevent water damage and preserve its good looks. Choose slate-effect porcelain tiles instead.PrimaPorcelain VS. Slate