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Gorgeous Grey Paving Slabs

Our grey porcelain paving comes in a variety of finishes, sizes, and shades, so no matter what look you’re going for, we have a paving solution for you. Porcelain is a durable, low-maintenance, and moisture resistant alternative to traditional stone or ceramic paving. Our grey paving slabs are also adaptable, suitable for use both inside and outside; whether you’re looking for a paving solution for your patio or bathroom, walkway or kitchen, we’ve got the right tile for you! 

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Stain ResistantStain-Resistant
Slip ResistantSlip-Resistant
Frost proofFrostproof
Fade ResistantFade-Resistant

Grey Porcelain Tiles & Paving Slabs

Made using high-quality porcelain, all of our grey paving products are rectified, which means that each individual tile is exactly the same size as the next. It also means that all angles are preicsely 90 degrees, so your finished patio should look absolutely perfect.

All of our grey porcelain tiles boast low levels of porosity, making them incredibly resistant to stains and water damage.

Grey paving slab



Frequently Asked Questions

Which grey porcelain tiles are suitable for internal/external use?

All of our grey porcelain tiles are durable, moisture resistant, and low maintenance. Our 20mm grey tiles are optimal for use in outside settings such as patios, whereas our 10mm grey tiles are better suited for use indoors, for example, a bathroom or kitchen.


Grip Factor Rating

Every PrimaPorcelain product is assigned a ‘Grip Factor’ rating based on its level of slip resistance. Tiles with a rating of 1 or 2 are only suitable for interior use, whereas our grey porcelain paving slabs with a rating of 3 or above are to be used as outdoor patio tiles - perfect if you’re searching for some durable grey garden tiles.


Shade Variation

The different products within our grey porcelain collection possess varying levels of shade variation. This relates to the consistency in colour, tone and shade of a finished patio that uses our grey paving slabs. Some of our grey porcelain products have more consistent levels of colour, whereas others offer a more variegated design. Both can be used in many spaces to create simple or eye-catching looks.


Smooth or Textured?

Our grey porcelain tiles and paving slabs also offer different finishes depending on their thickness. Our 10mm thick tiles are created with either a smooth or fine textured finish, providing the right touch and comfort to be used indoors. Our thicker 20mm grey paving slabs, however, are finished with a textured grip surface, offering the right amount of grip to be used in gardens and other external settings. Not only do our grey porcelain products provide suitable slip resistance, they also match the attractive appearance of natural stone.