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Why Porcelain is Better Than Natural Stone
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Porcelain vs. Natural Stone Paving

No one can deny the beauty of natural stone paving, but we genuinely believe that porcelain is an even more appealing option and suitable for any project, whether it’s indoors or out.

Porcelain paving is every bit as attractive as real stone and porcelain’s performance is significantly better in several areas.

Less maintenance than natural stone

The key benefit of choosing porcelain over natural stone paving is porcelain’s very low porosity (less than 0.05%). Natural stone paving slabs vary greatly in porosity, meaning that it is very difficult to choose a natural paving stone that is particularly non-porous. Higher porosity leads to dirt and staining, which will ruin your paving slabs for good!

Many types of stone – sandstone, for example – require a regular sealing regime because the sealant weathers and wears away over time leading to water damage and stains. If natural stone paving is left unprotected, and dirt penetrates the stone, it becomes almost impossible to clean. Porcelain paving, however, never requires sealing.
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Moisture-resistant porcelain does not stain because it’s highly water resistant. All that’s required is a wipe over with warm, soapy water each year to remove any debris and organic matter (grass, soil, leaves, etc.). Pressure washing is also suitable for PrimaPorcelain paving and won’t damage/wear the surface as can happen with natural stone.

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More Eco-Friendly Than Natural Stone Paving

Concerned that natural stone paving slabs would be better for the environment?

Don’t worry – our porcelain products are extremely eco-friendly! Made from natural raw materials with minimal waste, which is recycled back into the manufacturing process, porcelain contains no waterproofing agents, varnishes or resins. Unlike natural stone paving, it is not polished using lead and does not give off any gases when exposed to flame.
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We provide a wide range of durable, moisture-resistant tiles and paving slabs, all of which are made from porcelain to provide you with the ultimate in strength and durability.

For the first time, the beauty and benefits of indoor porcelain are available as moisture-resistant outdoor flooring for gardens, terraces, balconies, around swimming pools and countless different commercial applications.

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