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Paving Calculator

Paving Calculator

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Square Tiles for Your Living Space

Porcelain tiles are a stylish and versatile flooring option that can be used in a variety of different environments. This includes kitchens, bathrooms and conservatories, as well as outdoor spaces such as gardens, balconies and driveways. You can even combine our indoor and outdoor porcelain tiles to create a seamless transition between your home and garden.

Stain ResistantStain-Resistant
Slip ResistantSlip-Resistant
Frost proofFrostproof
Fade ResistantFade-Resistant

600 x 600mm Tiles: More Information

Why choose porcelain over other tiling materials? Well, for one thing, our tiles have a far lower porosity than most comparable products – and that means that they absorb very little water. As a result, you don’t need to worry about sealing your 600 x 600mm tiles, and most spills can be wiped away with ease.

You’ll also find that our porcelain tiles hold their colour very well. Even when exposed to direct sunlight on a regular basis, they remain steadfastly fade-resistant, staying beautiful for years with virtually no maintenance. It's no wonder that our 600x600 porcelain tiles are such a popular tiling option! 

600 x 600mm Tiles
Rectified 600 x 600 Tiles

Rectified 600 x 600 Tiles

All of our 600x600 porcelain tiles and paving slabs are rectified. What this means is that each tile is processed to ensure that it measures exactly 600mm square, and that every right angle is exactly 90 degrees.

Shade Variation Ratings

Shade Variation Ratings

Each of our products has a shade variation rating: either V2 (slight), V3 (moderate) or V4 (high). The higher the rating, the more noticeable the colour difference between one tile and the next.

Choose Your Texture

Choose Your Texture

Our tiles come in a variety of different finishes. A smooth finish can be very attractive, although we don’t recommend using smooth tiles in potentially slippery areas. Textured products offer greater grip and look more like natural stone.

Dry-Install Your 600 x 600mm Paving Slabs With No Cement!

Did you know that our 600 x 600mm porcelain pavers can be installed without the need for any adhesives such as cement and grout!? Well, they can! Simply lay your paving slabs onto our revolutionary pedestal supports for a quick, mess-free installation. You can even run cables and wires underneath without any fuss. 

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