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A Durable, Hard Wearing Alternative to Ceramic
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Porcelain vs Ceramic

Ceramic tiles are an extremely common choice for both indoor and outdoor renovation projects. But with porcelain becoming more popular, you may be wondering if this is a better choice for your project - so what exactly is the difference between porcelain and ceramic tiles?

Porcelain tiles are manufactured using extremely pure clays and minerals that are shaped into tiles by dry pressing and then fired at very high temperatures. The resulting tiles are very durable and will absorb minimal water.

Ceramic materials, on the other hand, simply have a glazed top surface meaning they aren’t as hard wearing or stain-resistant as porcelain.
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Tougher than Ceramic Tiles

The clay used to create porcelain tiles and paving slabs is highly refined and purified before being fired. Consequently, porcelain paving is of much higher-quality than typical ceramic tiles.

Porcelain is also an incredibly tough material because it is baked at 1200°c. At this temperature, 100% of the material "vitrifies" – meaning it’s converted into a very dense and hard-wearing material. The finished porcelain product is far more robust & water resistant than ceramic.
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Our range of outdoor paving slabs allows you to combine the 10mm thick tile for indoors with a seamless transition to your outdoor living space, using either 10mm thick tile (with a suitable adhesive) or the thicker 20mm thick range, which can be dry installed using our support pedestals.

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