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Porch Pavers

Your porch is usually the first thing your guests see when they enter your home. Although porches are often small, they are not to be overlooked. Create a stunning entrance to your home using PrimaPorcelain and muddy shoes will no longer be a problem - PrimaPorcelain won’t stain like natural stone or carpet would!

Why Choose PrimaPorcelain?

PrimaPorcelain is the perfect choice for your porch because, unlike natural stone, it doesn’t need sealing and can be wiped clean with soapy water. Porches are notoriously messy and even dangerous places because we use them to store muddy shoes, creating a stain and slip hazard. This might have deterred you from choosing light-coloured porch pavers, but all of our pavers are stain and slip resistant so you can choose any colour you like!
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Designing Your New Porch

If you want to see how our tiles will look in your porch, our team of 3D design experts can create a preview of the finished look before you make a purchase! Find out more about our 3D design service here.

Contact PrimaPorcelain today to discuss porch paver options, or order 3 FREE samples to have a closer look at your favourite shades today!
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