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More Robust than Limestone Paving
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Porcelain Vs Limestone

Limestone paving is available in several different styles, ranging from light, creamy yellow colours to striking black limestone. These natural paving products have proved to be a popular choice with garden lovers everywhere; they boast an incredibly authentic appearance, and the heavy stone slabs create a wonderfully earthy effect when placed in the back garden.

Porcelain lasts longer than natural paving

We mentioned black limestone, and while these delightfully dark tiles cut a stunning figure in the garden, the beautiful black veneer can be prone to fading. If your limestone paving is exposed to the sunlight for too long, the black limestone may end up looking grey and washed-out before the year is out. Our porcelain products are designed to be fade-resistant; come rain or shine, the weather won’t worry them.

Even lighter-coloured limestone paving has an Achilles’ heel, and that heel is named porosity. Natural paving products like limestone and granite are incredibly porous and absorbent, which means that the slabs will soak up rain and excess moisture like a sponge. This can lead to stains which even the most abrasive chemicals cannot clean.

Porcelain Vs Limestone Slabs

So, can our pretty porcelain products outshine the elemental allure of these natural paving stones? There is certainly something to be said for the pure, unrefined charms of real stone, and these charms are most certainly present in a good piece of limestone. But natural products have their weaknesses, and we feel that porcelain paving slabs are superior even to those gorgeous limestone slabs.

Our 20mm slabs are a meticulously-designed outdoor paving product, with a low porosity that lets very little moisture in. Unlike limestone paving slabs, our porcelain paving slabs will never need sealing to protect them from moisture damage – they’re perfectly capable of coping on their own.

If you’re curious to find out more about out outdoor porcelain products, email info@primaporcelain.co.uk or telephone 029 2080 3756 Our friendly and professional porcelain experts will tell you everything you need to know!
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