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what size porcelain paving slabs should i get

Are you wondering what size porcelain paving slabs you should get? Our 20mm porcelain paving slabs come in five different shapes and sizes so you have plenty of choice when it comes to finding the right paving for your garden. If you have a specific patio design in mind, we can provide porcelain paving slabs of different sizes to bring your design to life.

What's the purpose of your project?

If you're purchasing porcelain paving for a specific project, then a certain size of tile might be more appropriate. As a general rule, if you're creating a large paved area, you should choose larger porcelain paving slabs. For example, if you want to use our porcelain pavers to create a driveway, we'd recommend our largest 60cm x 90cm tiles, because they will cover more space at a lower cost! Take a look at our recommendations for other projects below.


Here are a few of our best-selling 'extra large' 60cm x 90cm porcelain paving slabs that are perfect for covering large areas like driveways:

limestone cream porcelain paving

(Limestone Cream Porcelain Paving)

quartz black porcelain paving

(Quartz Black Porcelain Paving)

quartz grey porcelain paving

(Quartz Grey Porcelain Paving)

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Garden Paths

If you're interested in creating a path from one area of your garden to another using porcelain paving, we'd recommend using smaller, 60cm x 60cm square slabs. These are the perfect size to be used as stepping stones and give a beautiful finish that doesn't distract from the rest of your lawn.

porcelain garden path

Here are our top picks for square porcelain paving slabs if you'd like to recreate this look:


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Patio Replacement

If you're thinking about replacing an existing patio, you might opt for tiles that match the size and shape of your existing tiles - or you might fancy a completely different pattern!

By laying our porcelain paving slabs in different ways or by combining tiles of different colours, you can create a whole host of unique designs. In our latest infographic, we show you all of the different sizes that our porcelain paving slabs come in, and we demonstrate some of the different designs you can make using them!

What Sizes Do Paving Slabs Come In?

Hopefully, this advice helps you choose the right sized porcelain pacing slabs for your project. If you have any other questions, feel free to get in touch with a member of the PrimaPorcelain team.