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Paving slab sizes


What Sizes Do Paving Slabs Come In?

Here at PrimaPorcelain, we offer five different paving slab sizes:

Each size offers a unique look and opportunities for different tile patterns. Note that all of our outdoor paving slabs are 20mm thick, making them exceptionally strong and durable – perfect for gardens and patios!

60 x 60cm

These square paving slabs come in a wide range of different colours and styles. Combine two different colours for a chessboard look, or offset the rows for an engaging, varied appearance.

60 x 90cm

These extra-large slabs are noticeably bigger than our 60 x 60cm tiles, and they’re oblong rather than square. They have a very luxurious feel, and they’re ideal for large, sprawling outdoor spaces.

45 x 90cm

These paving slabs are twice as long as they are wide. This shape lends itself to all sorts of different patterns – experiment with the arrangement of your patio tiles and try to create something truly unique!

40 x 120cm

Our wood-effect 40 x 120cm paving slabs are specifically designed to look like wooden floorboards. This means that you can get the traditional hardwood effect in your garden – but unlike wood flooring, porcelain paving is weather resistant and requires almost no maintenance!

40 x 80cm

Our 40 x 80cm paving slabs are the same shape as our 45 x 90cm tiles, but they’re not quite as big, making them a great choice for small gardens (which can end up feeling even smaller when paved with oversized tiles).

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