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The RHS Flower Show will be taking place in Cardiff this coming weekend, and we're pleased to announce that our Quartz porcelain paving will be making an appearance in one of the show gardens! Local garden designer Robert Hughes will be using our paving slabs to make his innovative 'Office Box' design a reality - here's a sneak preview of how it will look:
Office Box garden
'Office Box' was conceived as a luxurious outdoor workspace; Robert is aiming to create a relaxing garden office that could be used when working from home on warm days. Our Quartz paving will be surrounded by a picturesque pond (a very nice touch, we think!), and tropical-style plants, while the garden's overall feel will emphasise simplicity and a contemporary atmosphere.
Robert's RHS flyer states that "porcelain paving creates a smooth, modern and elegant feel", and we couldn't agree more - we think that our contemporary yet classical Quartz paving is the perfect choice for this very original design. Click here to read more about PrimaPorcelain's Quartz tiles and paving slabs.
The RHS Flower Show will take place in Bute Park, Cardiff, from the 17th to the 19th of April. Tickets are available from the RHS website.

Update - Friday 17th April:

The 'Office Box' garden is now complete, and we're pleased to announce that Robert has won Silver Gilt for his efforts! Congratulations to Robert and the team, who put together a truly beautiful space:
Show garden
Porcelain tile colours
If you are planning to decorate your home with PrimaPorcelain's porcelain tiles, there's a very important question that you need to ask yourself: "What colour do I want?"
That question may seem simple, but choosing an answer may prove surprisingly difficult - after all, we do offer around 40 different colours! On our Product Selector page, these colours are divided into five different categories: Creams, Beiges, Greys, Browns, and Blacks. In this blog post, we'll take a quick look at each of these categories to help you choose the colour that's right for your home.


Our lightest tiles are perfect for breezy, contemporary interiors, as well as for more classical, opulent-looking designs.


We're still in the lighter end of the spectrum here - our various beige tiles have a creamy class that's perfect for an elegant yet contemporary look.


Grey comes in many different shades, obviously, but if all of the colours in this category have one thing in common, it's style. The neutral tones are great for professional environments and cutting-edge interior designs.


Our brown tiles mix warmth with innovation, working equally well in contemporary spaces and alongside more retro styles.


Finally, our darkest tiles are perfect if you're really looking to underline your living space in style. Bold and striking, PrimaPorcelain's black range never fails to make a statement.
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