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When you are building or renovating, a beautiful floor finish rounds up the whole work in a spectacular way. What a better way to create that stunning floor than to use natural looking tiles and slabs. PrimaPorcelain offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor flooring solutions that are high quality and low maintenance. Our luxurious new Travertine range is certainly worth investigating. Our travertine tile and paving range includes:

1. Travertine Ivory

These Ivory tiles and paving slabs feature delicate shade variation which gives them a more natural feel and look. Their light coloured finish brightens up your living space, giving you a feeling of space and light,  These robust tiles are resistant to scratching, fading and staining and require little maintenance . Additionally, the paving slabs require no sealing yet they are durable and look as good as new all the time. 

2. Travertine Cream

These tiles closely resemble limestone blocks because of their creamy-beige colour (which is darker) and contour patterns. They are easy to clean especially because of their darker finish. Stains practically disappear among the tile patterns and a simple wipe restores them to their original classical appearance. They require no maintenance and all these benefits make them the most sought after choice for flooring projects. 

3. Travertine Grey 

These tiles have a much darker finish with a textured appearance that leave your indoors and outdoors with a cool, modern look. They are scratch resistant, fade resistant and slip resistant making them durable and safe. They are ideal for almost all types of floors and leave a stunning finish which looks expensive because of their marble like appearance. 

All these tiles are available in two thicknesses, each with its own properties and recommended usage areas. These are:

10mm Thick Tiles

These tiles have a fine textured surface which gives them just enough grip to be used indoors. They would otherwise be slippery when used in wet conditions or hilly surfaces, conditions mostly encountered outdoors. On a grip scale of between 1 (low slip resistance) and 5 (high slip resistance), they have a grip factor of 3. Each of the 1 cm thick tiles measures 120 cm by 60 cm and requires to be installed using a suitable adhesive on a concrete foundation.

20mm Thick Paving Slabs

These paving slabs have a textured surface which gives them high grip across all conditions. This makes them ideal for usage outdoors or in wet conditions. They have a high grip factor of 5 which is the highest on the grip factor scale and this qualifies them for bathroom floors and swimming pool surrounds. Each tile measures 90 cm by 60 cm and can be installed without any adhesive on pedestal supports or installed on concrete foundations using cement or an SBR bonding agent. 

The travertine tile range has almost any type of tile to suit your floor finishing needs. Depending on your taste select either tiles or slabs or both to create that stunning floor you have always been dreaming of.

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