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We offer a range of different finishes here at PrimaPorcelain, each with its own look, feel, and grip factor. Some finishes are ideal for outdoor use, while others are better suited to interior spaces.
More information about the various finishes available from PrimaPorcelain can be found here, but today, we'd like to talk about one option in particular: our sublime Polished finish.
Our polished porcelain tiles are a superb choice for all sorts of different interiors. In addition to being suitable for many different areas of the home, they can also be used in a variety of commercial spaces, such as shopping centres, hotels, offices, reception areas, and so on.
Customers looking for polished porcelain tiles can choose from two different ranges: Vogue and Cosmo.

Vogue Porcelain Tiles

Our Vogue range consists of six superbly stylish porcelain designs, ranging from the light elegance of Vogue Cream to the sumptuously striking Vogue Black (pictured above). Our Vogue tiles are made from 46% recycled materials, making them a great choice for environmentally-conscious consumers.

Cosmo Porcelain Tiles

Cosmo is a full-body porcelain range comprising six different styles: Cream, Light Grey, Mocha Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey, and Black. Cosmo porcelain tiles have a professional-looking elegance that makes them ideal for commercial spaces (visit our Cosmo Gallery for some ideas), although they can be used to stunning effect in the home as well.
Our polished porcelain tiles are available by special order only. If you are interested in any of the products mentioned here, please contact PrimaPorcelain to discuss your project with a member of our team.
Porcelain paving and deck boards
There are all kinds of different outdoor flooring materials on the market, and while we at PrimaPorcelain obviously believe that our porcelain paving slabs are the best of the bunch, we will concede that other options do have their charms. Decking, for example, can look fantastic in the garden - the real wood look is very appealing, especially if you're a fan of more traditional outdoor designs.
That said, timber boards also have plenty of drawbacks when compared to porcelain paving. For one thing, they require quite a lot of maintenance; wood must be sealed to prevent warping and water damage, whereas our porcelain products can handle the weather without any work on your part. You could, of course, opt for a low-maintenance plastic deck, but this has problems of its own: plastic is prone to bowing and cracking, and it never looks quite as good as real wood.
However, if you really want to add a deck to your garden, there is a way around all of the problems mentioned above, and it's called composite decking. This material is made by combining polymer resins with real wood fibres, resulting are the best of both worlds, requiring less maintenance than solid wood but offering a more authentic look than cheap plastic products.
Outdoor living space
If your heart is set on planks instead of paving, we'd strongly recommend taking a look at composite solutions - if you choose a good supplier, you'll get something that's attractive, durable, and low-maintenance, which will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.
Of course, there's no reason why you can't use both decking AND porcelain paving in your outdoor space. That's what the owner of this garden did, and look how well that worked out for him:
Decked and paved garden in Pontprennau
Porcelain paving and composite wood decking are natural partners: they both have an elegant, contemporary look, and they both require practically zero maintenance. Combining these two materials is a great way to give your outdoor living space its own unique style - contact us now to discuss the best way to use both of these products in your next project!

Porcelain Decking: Tiles That Look Like Wood!

Alternatively, if you can't decide between paving and decking, why not choose paving slabs that look like decking?
We offer a range of wood effect porcelain tiles that combine the beauty of natural wood with the practicality of water-resistant paving. Our 'Forest' range is a fantastic choice for any who can't decide between porcelain and decking!