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With the new decade on the horizon, many homeowners can take the opportunity to give their home the redesign it’s been crying out for over the last 10 years! To give you the inspiration that you and your home needs, we take a look at the tile colour trends sure to be a hit throughout 2020.

Now, before we jump in, we need to take a quick look back at 2019 and some of the things that made the past 12 months such a good year for tiles, that may find themselves performing highly once again in 2020.

The main standout here is ‘extreme colours.’ In 2019, we saw lights get lighter and darks get darker. A trend that we can definitely see continuing going into the new year. However, as homeowners are increasingly using flooring to set the tone and feel of their homes, a wider range of colours will start to creep back into the limelight.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at the top 2020 tile flooring colour trends!

Grey Tiles

Before you say it before you even think it. We know, grey again. A colour you’ve seen included in any tile trends blog for the last five years. But if we look at what the word trend actually means, you can see just why it’s been a mainstay when it comes to the hottest tile colours. Ultimately, the word ‘trend’ means popular and relevant. And with grey tiles still amongst the top choices for homeowners, its place within our list is justified.

Grey flooring has grown significantly popular over the last decade, with many homeowners opting for grey stone look tiles in their kitchen. But it’s not just floors which are getting the grey treatment, everything in the home is. Beds, sofas, walls and furniture are nowadays taking on the grey storm head-on, so what better way to complement the rest of your home than with a tiled floor to match? The ultimate choice for a cool, contemporary home.

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White Tiles

Throughout 2020, we’re certain you’ll find more and more homeowners opting for a whitewashed look when it comes to their floor, offering a calm, relaxed vibe to a variety of living spaces. Whitewashed tile floors typically display the appearance of wear with darker colours creeping out from underneath. This style fits right in with the 2020 aged and worn trends found across all styles of flooring.

The benefits that a whitewashed floor brings is a brighter, bigger and more relaxed living space. It can really give your home that ‘beachy’ feel or an upscale, modern look with the right furniture to complement.

Another huge hit we expect to continue into next year is the addition of bright white tiles in the home, conforming to the popular contrast theme where homeowners utilise lights against darks. The marble-look tile is going to be a very popular look, particularly in kitchens and bathrooms.


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Cream Tiles

For many years, lighter floors were deemed outdated or not premium enough, a view which is no longer the case. As more and more homeowners embrace the light, airy look in their home, you’re going to see a massive resurgence in cream-look floors. Especially for those homeowners looking to achieve a timeless-themed design. With cream-look tiles, your decoration options are endless. You can opt for a chic, modern feel or a rustic, homey vibe. All on the same floor! Homeowners are now moving away from sharper, contemporary, industrial looks and heading towards an updated farmhouse style – cream floors are perfect for this.

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And there we have it! The three tile colours that we expect to be a huge hit throughout 2020. If you’re thinking about giving your home an updated look with any of these coloured tiles, why not order one of our FREE samples to get a better idea of how your floor can look with tiles from PrimaPorcelain?

If you have any questions about our collection of porcelain products, then please feel free to get in touch with a member of our team today!

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