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Now that spring has started and summer is well on its way, more and more homeowners can begin thinking about the much-needed garden improvements that they've been putting off during the cold winter months.

And with restrictions slowly being lifted, the garden is one of the first places where we will be allowed to meet up with friends and family, so ensuring it is ready is going to be one of the main things on the to-do list heading into this part of the year. 

Over the years more homeowners have been opting for porcelain as part of their garden and patio redesigns thanks to the countless benefits that it offers over natural stone products but one question that is often asked is 'does porcelain paving get hot in the sun?' If you plan or using porcelain in your garden redesign for the summer and are wondering the same thing, PrimaPorcelain are here to give you the answers you're looking for! 


Benefits of Porcelain Paving 

As mentioned above, porcelain paving has become an increasingly popular choice amongst homeowners thanks to the wide range of benefits it offers over traditional stone flooring products. These include being extremely low-maintenance, offering high levels of durability, being slip, scratch and stain-resistant and offering the same gorgeous aesthetics you'd expect from any natural stone paver. 

However, another added benefit of choosing porcelain paving over natural stone is that it is extremely fade-resistant, meaning any patio using porcelain pavers will keep the same colour for years and years. But how? Well, during its manufacture, porcelain paving is cooked to extremely high temperatures, often around 1,200°C in order for the pigments to be locked in. This prevents the colour from fading over time when exposed to the sun and heat.


Weather-Resistant Porcelain Paving

Thanks to the unique manufacturing process that porcelain paving goes through where a combination of special elements are used, the finished product becomes weather & UV-resistant. 

This means that during periods of warm weather, porcelain paving will not get hot and will be safe to walk on underfoot. This is particularly beneficial for any families that have young children or pets as you'll never have to worry about your new patio causing damage to the feet of anyone walking on it - fantastic! 

So, if you're planning on a garden redesign using porcelain paving and are wondering if they will get hot in the sun as we head into the summer months, the answer is no. With a specialised production, porcelain products offer high resistance to hot temperatures that other pavers do not. 


Our Outdoor Paving 

Here at PrimaPorcelain, we offer an extensive range of high-quality porcelain paving products that will make any outdoor space look stunning. With a wide choice of styles, designs and colours to choose from, no matter what exterior design you have in mind, we are sure we have a product to suit you. 

Each of our outdoor paving products offers all of the great benefits mentioned above and more! So regardless of which paver you choose, you will not be missing out. Click below to browse our entire range of outdoor porcelain paving. 

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If you'd like to learn more about our collection of porcelain paving products, then please do not hesitate to get in touch with a member of the PrimaPorcelain team today - we'd love to hear from you.