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Natural stone tiling and outdoor paving do look incredible, but it is very expensive, even if you find a quarry local to you to save on delivery costs. If you still want that amazing look but at a more reasonable price, why not choose a stone effect tile like the Stoneware range at PrimaPorcelain?

There are so many downsides to having real stone; the most annoying requirement being the need for it to be sealed frequently, more so if it is in contact with water. Our Stoneware range is made from long-lasting and beautiful porcelain and as such never needs to be sealed, even when used outdoors. These tiles will not be affected by water damage as they are not porous, this means they won’t stain or pick up any unsightly marks. Although our tiles look as delightful as real stone, all they need to keep them in pristine condition is an occasional wash with mild soapy water. 

What Colours Are Available?

Our Stoneware range includes Stoneware Sahara, a warm and inviting sandy-coloured tile that will brighten your living space. If you would prefer a slightly darker hue we have Stoneware Greige. You may not have heard of this colour, but it is a mix of sophisticated grey and earthy beige, perfectly designed to be a contemporary alternative to natural stone. 


Darker still are our Stoneware Charcoal tiles that will give any room a notable and distinctive look, but if you would prefer to lighten your indoor or outdoor area, then our Stoneware Silver range are a lovely grey-white colour that will do just that.


All our tiles are available in two thicknesses so that if you would like to join your inside and outside spaces, the same tile can be used to create a continuous flow from indoor to outdoor areas. Our 11mm tiles are perfect for indoors as they have a smooth finish. The 20mm version, however, is perfect for outdoors as they are specifically made with more texture to ensure a higher grip which is safer for outdoor living. 

As an additional bonus, if any of your family suffers from allergies our tiling can help with a much easier way of keeping dust and allergens at bay. Cleaning these tiles is much more effective than trying to keep allergens out of carpet or wood.

Whichever colour you decide to choose, you will be delighted with your Stoneware tiles and paving for years to come. With almost no maintenance required, they are the easy answer to beautiful living.