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Granite effect paving slabs

If you're looking for a durable garden paving solution, then granite may seem like the obvious choice - after all, what could be sturdier than thick granite paving slabs?

Well, believe it or not, granite paving is actually far from the strongest option on the market. Those heavy stone slabs can stand up to a lot of pressure, it's true, but they have a major Achilles' heel: porosity. Granite paving, like most natural stone products, is very porous, which means that your granite slabs will absorb a lot of moisture when they inevitably get wet. This in turn will cause stains and water damage, making your granite paving slabs look rather unsightly.

Fortunately, there is another way. If you want a durable patio solution with all the beauty of natural stone paving, our outdoor porcelain paving is a great alternative to granite. Porcelain boasts a significantly lower porosity than stone, and our slabs are every bit as strong and sturdy as any granite product.

We offer a wide variety of granite-like porcelain paving designs - use the link below to browse our full range!

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We love hearing back from customers who have put our porcelain tiles to use in their homes and gardens - here's a smattering of the positive feedback we've received recently:
  • Aggie from Surrey gave us full marks after purchasing some of our Belgian Limestone Design tiles (picture above) for her front garden. She commended the "excellent customer service" that she received from our sales team, and noted that our "very high quality" porcelain tiles "look really good" and "go well with greys and blacks".

  • Tina travelled to our Slough showroom from her home in Kent, and she had this to say about her PrimaPorcelain experience: "Really pleased we took the time to travel from Kent to the showroom. We received excellent advice, and [PrimaPorcelain salesperson] Dimitar went above and beyond to ensure that our order arrived in time and that we had ordered sufficient quantities. The communication, from initial enquiry to order to delivery, was spot on; we would definitely return to PrimaPorcelain for our next indoor/outdoor project."

  • One more - here's another glowing review from Mukesh Patel, a customer of ours who lives in Burnham: "I searched high and low for these tiles and luckily found this firm with just the right product for my project. They have an excellent range and, above all, extremely knowledgeable and helpful staff (with lots of patience!) Well recommended!"
If you'd like to follow in the footsteps of these three customers, get in touch now or visit your nearest PrimaPorcelain showroom (we have locations in both Slough and Cardiff). You can also order a free sample of our high-quality porcelain tiles if you'd like to take a closer look.

As we recently discussed, our porcelain tiles are the perfect choice for more or less any interior. But tiles alone don't make a home, and if you're interested in using our products in your property, you may be wondering which pieces of furniture look best on the sumptuous surfaces we help to create.

Today, we'd like to provide you with a few answers to that question. Here are five of our favourite furnishings currently on the market - you'll notice that we've paired each one with the porcelain tile design we think would suit it best!
Thunderbird Armchair from Rume // Stoneware Pebble from PrimaPorcelain
This gorgeously curvaceous armchair (and indeed the matching footstool) would look fab in just about any living room, but we think our Stoneware Pebble porcelain tiles would suit the design particularly well.


Thorpe 3 Seater Sofa from Meet Your Sofa // Italian Limestone Ivory from PrimaPorcelain
The back of this sofa has a swooping curve that gives the whole piece a Renaissancey elegance that our Ivory style tiles would complement perfectly.


Diamond White Faux Leather Ottoman from Just Ottomans // Stoneware Slate from PrimaPorcelain
There are few combinations more reliably striking than black and white, and this ottoman's minimal design would really stand out on our Stoneware Slate porcelain tiles. To enhance this effect, you could even choose to furnish your entire living room with white pieces - a white armchair, a white sofa, and a white coffee table would all contrast beautifully with our black tiles.

Louis Chair

French Style Louis Chair from La Residence Interiors // Alpine Oak Smoke from PrimaPorcelain
The stylish grey cushions of this fabulous French-style chair would match the classy grey hue of our Alpine Oak Smoke porcelain tiles, which are designed to look like authentic grey wood flooring.
Soho Round Coffee Table from // Italian Limestone Honey from PrimaPorcelain
We think that the rich wooden surface of this eye-catching coffee table would go rather nicely with the rich honey colour of our Italian Limestone tiles!
Click here for more great pairings, or visit our Product Selector to browse the PrimaPorcelain range in full!
Grey Porcelain
Grey is a very fashionable colour right now, and not just because of 50 Shades (though the popularity of those books may well have helped!) Grey items have a simple, neutral beauty that allows them to fit practically any design scheme, and whether you're shopping for furniture, clothing, or something else entirely, grey has a stylish appeal that works well right across the board.
We're big fans of grey here at PrimaPorcelain, so it shouldn't surprise you to learn that we have a variety of grey porcelain tiles for our customers to choose from. Here are a selection of our favourites - to browse our full range, head over to the PrimaPorcelain Product Selector.
Here's a room that's really embraced the appeal of grey! Our smooth Stoneware Pebble tiles look fantastic alongside the other elements of this magnificently modern interior.
These grey wood-effect porcelain tiles are perfect for an elegant, monochromatic interior design like the one in this photograph.
Grey porcelain tiles can also have an attractive stone-effect texture, as our Burlington Lead design demonstrates. Perfect for bringing a bit of nature into the home!
Click here to order a free sample of any of the grey porcelain tiles featured here. Remember, there's plenty more to see on our Products page!