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Natural stone paving products have come a long way in recent times and new sandstone ranges are now made of top quality materials meaning that you can acquire the beauty of a natural product in a number of environments both indoors and outdoors. The tiles combine versatility with very attractive colours and a superb texture. Sandstone tiles are designed with many hard-wearing features so that they can be used in kitchens, gardens, living areas, commercial settings and many other spaces.

The hammered porcelain tiles are visually stunning but also very resilient offering a moisture-resistant surface that is robust against abrasions and other marks. These unique qualities make the tiles durable and safe as any moisture soon evaporates preventing slips.

The sandstone range offers a number of impressive options to choose from:


With the light tones of the Sandstone White tiles, the effects of real stone are achieved but without the drawbacks. The tiles are constructed from state of the art porcelain manufacturing technology that results in a superb product with a fantastic appearance.

In addition the buff hammered tiles have been designed with minimal porosity that means, unlike traditional sandstone paving, they will not easily absorb water thus preventing stains and slippages and also keeping their appearance through their resistance to abrasions.

Sandstone White tiles are suitable for indoors and outdoors in residential or commercial settings, and different thicknesses can be chosen depending on the environment and specification.


Sandstone Grey is a sophisticated shade that is equally compatible with internal or external use and can even be used in both spaces to create a natural flow from indoors to outdoors for a unique look. The beautiful, muted effect of Sandstone Grey means that these porcelain tiles look good as part of classical internal decor or as a modern outdoor feature.

As with all the buff hammered porcelain tiles in this range, they also have built-in low absorbency and durability and are manufactured using top of the range techniques and come in thicknesses that match requirements and environment.


The darkest tone in the range of buff hammered tiles, Sandstone Black creates a singular, statement look that also retains the look of beautiful brushed stone paving. The striking appearance of this tile means it creates a sensational effect when used in the garden, or indoors in bathrooms or other rooms in the house, and it is equally fitting in commercial surroundings.

Therefore, it's now possible to get creative with sandstone products and re-model your home and commercial environment in a number of ways, including bringing the outdoors inside and designing breath-taking rooms that capture the exquisite appeal of natural stone.




PrimaPorcelain is offering a great January sale on tiles and paving slabs. If you're looking to transform your living room, dining, room, bathroom, or patio, then now is the time to pick up a fantastic deal. 

Save 20 % on 1cm-Thick Porcelain Floor Tiles

Our porcelain floor tiles are robust and versatile, giving any room in your home a fresh new look. We offer a wide range of different styles, from cool and classic Italian limestone to our very fashionable Tirolo range. You can also choose from quartz, slate, or sandstone floor tiles, as well as a number of porcelain floor tiles with wood patterning. No matter what style you're looking for, you'll find it with us - and for less than you might think.

Right now, you can pay as little as £19.78 + VAT per square metre for porcelain floor tiles. That's an amazing 20 percent off of our regular prices - and the sale extends across our whole range. Now's the time to get the flooring you've always dreamed about thanks to PrimaPorcelain.


Save 20 Percent on 2cm-Thick Porcelain Paving Slabs

Porcelain paving slabs are a stylish and functional way to finish your patio or provide other outdoor flooring solutions. They can also create a seamless effect between your indoor and outdoor living spaces; instead of a jarring transition from wood or carpet to porcelain, you'll be able to bring your sense of style outdoors. 

We offer a great range of porcelain paving slabs in a variety of colours and styles. Whether you like the look of our light Italian Limestone Champagne tiles or prefer the striking effect of our Quartz Nightfall tiles, there's a style to suit all tastes. We also offer other quartz in different colours, ranging from light brown to silver, as well as sandstone, graphite, and forest effect tiles.

When you choose our 2cm-thick porcelain paving slabs during our January sale, you'll pay as little as £37.02 + VAT per square metre, saving up to 20 percent on our entire range. That's an incredible amount of savings! 

Choose PrimaPorcelain and Transform Your Flooring

Whether you're thinking ahead to planned home renovations or just want to start 2018 with an overhaul of your flooring, choose PrimaPorcelain to supply you with durable, stylish, and easy-to-maintain porcelain floor tiles. Our whole range is up to 20% off during our January sale, so why not explore what we have to offer you?



When it comes to flooring with the "wow!" factor, nothing has quite the visual impact of slate floor tiles - that's the general consensus, anyway. The natural ruggedness of slate provides a great background for a range of surfaces, furniture and materials and it’s enduring too. 

But – and there’s always a “but” – there’s no doubt that slate flooring is expensive. Then there’s the maintenance. Slate floors require regular treatment and if a tile is damaged and not repaired, it can be a hazard. 

The great news is that there’s now an alternative to slate that has the same dramatic effect and sumptuous appearance, but without the drawbacks. Slate porcelain tiles can do everything that slate can – and more. 

A range of colours? Check. For maximum effect, tiles in mono shades of silver, black, grey or ivory can complement any colour palette, from vivid limes and oranges through to imperial purples, lush greens, warm reds or pastel shades. 


For indoor and outdoor use? Slate porcelain tiles are available in two thicknesses and dimensions; the 1cm thick tiles are ideal for interiors, whilst the 2cm tiles are durable enough for outside use. Having both options means that it's possible to create a visual flow from inside to outside space, a clever way to enhance the dimensions of your home. 

Strong and durable? Not only are slate porcelain tiles incredibly strong and hard wearing because of the manufacturing method, they are scratch, stain, slip and fade resistant as well as frost-proof. These qualities make them suitable for every part of the home and give them an edge over natural slate tiles. 


What's more, slate porcelain tiles offer you a sustainable product that is virtually indistinguishable from real slate, as they are produced under rigorous environmental standards. The materials used are chosen to have minimum impact throughout the manufacturing and delivery stages. 

It's clear that for a product with strength, long-life, ease of installation and naturally enduring appeal, slate porcelain tiles tick all the boxes.


Give your visitors an elegant indoor or outdoor experience this festive season with a complete makeover of your space with PrimaPorcelain tiles. Not only do they add aesthetic beauty to your space, they exhibit the characteristics of natural stone, which makes them the excellent choice for practically every environment. 

Benefits of using porcelain material

PrimaPorcelain tiles are very attractive, and are highly resistant to moisture and abrasion. The state-of-the art technology utilised in the manufacturing process ensures almost zero porosity, which means that moisture is not allowed into the material. Spillage on the surface can be mopped up without any risk of sipping through.

The dense, hard texture of the tiles ensures that even heavy pedestal traffic does not leave abrasion marks on the surface. The tiles are also resistant to fading because the production technology locks the colour pigments into the porcelain so that they retain their aesthetic appearance year after year.

PrimaPorcelain materials do well in all kinds of weather even when it is freezing cold because of their resistance to frost. The high-grade materials maintain a fresh-looking appearance in sub-zero temperatures. 


Sale now on!

We now have an extensive range of both indoor and outdoor PrimaPorcelain tiles and paving slabs on sale for a limited time. They are available in a wide variety of finishes, from fine texture to firm grip. Our glass balustrade systems provide extra safety, especially in elevated patio areas. 

Take advantage of the current low sale prices available on all our 1cm tiles and 2cm paving slabs during this season. The 1cm porcelain floor tiles come in various shapes and sizes and they can be installed onto a wet mortar/cement base or a suitable adhesive. They can be used both internally and externally and they enable you create a seamless transition from your outdoor environment to your indoor décor without any noticeable change. 

The 2cm porcelain slabs are designed specifically for outdoor use. Installation is clean, quick and easy with our pedestal supports. The paving support enable dry installation without cement or adhesive and you can easily take them up and move them elsewhere. 

All our indoor tiles and outdoor slabs are now available at great prices and you can see and feel the quality for yourself by ordering a free sample pack. Feel free to browse our product range and you may order up to 3 free tile samples. Our advisors can help you find the best flooring to match your specific requirements.


PrimaPorcelain have released a new range of exquisite wood effect tiles, perfect for your bathroom, kitchen, garden, bathroom or living room. These tiles provide a rustic, Scandinavian look which is very stylish, whilst not burdening you with the high maintenance issues of real wooden flooring. The wood effect range includes a variety of different styles. 


Forest White Pine

The forest white pine tiles would look gorgeous in your living room or bathroom Measuring 20cm by 120cm or 40cm by 120cm each, they offer the same fresh, Nordic allure of light coloured wooden floorboards without any of the maintenance hassle. These tiles come in a 1cm thick form for internal fitting, and a 2cm thick form for dry installation in external spaces. 


Forest Grey Larch

Fashionable and rustic, the forest grey larch tiles give the sumptuous look of weathered grey wood. These would look ideal in your bathroom, complementing crisp light-coloured fittings. They are extremely sturdy. This colour also comes in 20cm by 120cm size with a 1cm thickness and 40cm by 120cm size with a 2cm thickness. 


Forest Oak

Bringing a truly luxurious air to any bedroom, these forest oak tiles are beautifully detailed with a mid-brown colour and realistic looking knots and whirls. These tiles provide the perfect solution to having hardwood flooring in your living space without any of the hassle that real hardwood brings. They are available in a 1cm thick version for indoor use and a 2cm thick version for outdoor use. 


 Forest Lignum

The rich colour of the forest lignum tiles will gel with a wide range of different interior and exterior design styles. Again, these come in a 20cm by 120cm version with 1cm thickness, suitable for adhesive installation indoors, and a 40cm by 120cm version suitable for dry installation outside with no adhesive needed. 

Forest Walnut

The darkest colour available in PrimaPorcelain's wood effect tile range, the forest walnut exhibits a succulent elegance that will bring a deeply luxurious feel to any bathroom. You can have beautiful wood effect flooring without worrying about incurring damage from the high moisture environment. The forest walnut comes with 1cm thickness for indoor installation or 2cm thickness for outdoor installation. 


Taking on the look of distressed driftwood these large tiles come paving slabs would be perfect for your garden patio, or for a beach themed interior design. driftwood is available in a 1cm thick form for indoor use and a 2cm thick form for outdoor use. 

Contact PrimaPorcelain

If you want to know more about the wood effect range of tiles, or about any of PrimaPorcelain's other products, or you simply have a question, make sure to contact them on 029 2080 3756 or send an email to info@primaporcelain.co.uk. PrimaPorcelain can also send you a free sample of any style you want, to let you get a feel for the product before you buy.




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