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Here at PrimaPorcelain we are celebrating the end of summer with our August sale. So, if you are thinking of making those home improvements whilst the weather is still good, take advantage of our fantastic offer. For a limited time, you can save 20% on our attractive Contemporary range of 1cm Tiles and 2cm Paving Slabs. Our sale includes our amazing Bolzano, Modena and Tirolo ranges of Tiles and Paving Slabs, and our sale tile prices start at just £19.20 per square metre (plus VAT), and paving slab sale prices start at just £36.00 per square metre (plus VAT). Our high-quality, visually-appealing, moisture-resistant and abrasion-resistant Contemporary paving and tile range can be used in practically any environment, including both indoors and outdoors. 

We can supply our Contemporary range in a variety of distinctive colours and styles to suit your home. Our August sale includes the Tirolo White, which is the lightest option in our colour scheme, making this option perfect for any indoor or outdoor project, and is both attractive and durable. The Tirolo White is amazingly low-maintenance and remarkably, doesn’t require any sealing. Should you require something a little different from our Contemporary Range to match your colour scheme, you could also consider our stylish and attractive Tirolo Cream or Tirolo Grey varieties. Our Tirolo Cream porcelain tiles have a distinctive and stylish textured finish, which offers a look between that of traditional cream paving and wood-effect tiles. The darkest of the Tirolo range is the beautiful and stylish Tirolo Grey, which will bring a stunning classic yet modern feel to any indoor or outdoor area of your home, including patio or kitchen areas. These offer a high level of durability whilst being incredibly easy to maintain. 

Don’t forget that our August sale includes our fantastic Modena and Bolzano ranges, which are equally high-quality and stunningly attractive. This includes the Modena Platinum option, which is lighter with a silvery tint and is perfect for gardens, and the distinctive grey, stylish and metallic Modena Gunmetal tile. You may also like to consider the elegant and attractive Bolzano White and Bolzano Grey varieties, which provide a fresh and bright look, both indoors, or outdoors.

If you would like to take advantage of this limited offer, then contact us today on 029 2080 3756. We can also supply free samples to allow you to see the quality for yourself.



Many people might associate porcelain with delicate vases and questionable household ornaments. However, porcelain is also an extremely durable, tough and aesthetically pleasing material for use in outdoor paving slabs.


What makes porcelain so great for outdoor tiles and paving?

Firstly, porcelain is glazed all round meaning that (unlike traditional ceramic tiles) it is weatherproof and waterproof on all sides. This makes it significantly more robust than a ceramic tile that has only been glazed on its top surface. Outdoor slabs made from porcelain need virtually no maintenance as they are highly resistant to cracks and stains: just install them and you're ready to go! Porcelain is a very easy material to work with and it can be cut to size and coloured in various inventive ways. Colours take a long time to fade with porcelain, moreover, so your porcelain tiles and paving slabs will look as amazing on day 1001 as they did on day 1. 


Browse our PrimaPorcelain tile and paving collection and give your outdoor spaces a contemporary makeover


PrimaPorcelain is at the forefront of trendy, elegant, high quality porcelain tiles and paving slabs. Whether you wish to create a fairy tale path with gleaming white rounded slabs, or whether you are seeking some vibrant tiles with gorgeous and surprising colours to decorate a patio or floral border, you will find a lot of inspiration in this range. Take a look at it today and let your creativity flow as you make big plans for your garden.



Thanks to Channel 4’s garden makeover programme ‘The Autistic Gardener’, PrimaPorcelain’s beautiful Quartz Twilight slabs have been featured on TV. Through the brilliant creativity of the show’s main man, Alan Gardner, our slabs have helped two couples to achieve the perfect shared gardens for themselves and their families.


Neighbours Claire and Tim and Jess and Karl wanted individual gardens which would be accessible to each other, mostly for the sake of their four young boys, who are great friends and need a safe space in which to have fun. With Jess and Karl hoping for something quite Mediterranean and Claire and Tim asking for a quiet romantic area, there were certainly a lot of different requirements to reconcile. Alan’s solution was to design complementary gardens, with a circular gateway-cum-maze installation halfway down the adjoining fence for the boys to enjoy and through which they could access each other’s gardens. With the children well catered for by Alan’s jet engine-inspired landscaping, PrimaPorcelain’s Twilight Quartz slabs brought sophistication to a Mediterranean-style patio area for the adults, as well as further down the garden surrounding their mini retreat hut.


With the chic yet simple style of Piedmont quartzite and subtly varying shades reflecting the look of natural quartz, PrimaPorcelain’s Twilight Quartz tiling was the ideal choice to show off the bright hues of Alan’s planting and the natural  curves of the retreat. Both families were thrilled with every aspect of their new gardens and are all set to enjoy many years of an idyllic multi-sensory experience, relaxing on our beautiful slabs.

Our huge savings on Italian limestone tiles and paving slabs are certainly what you need to add the finishing touch to your garden, perfect for those lazy summer days and barbecue evenings. Our Italian limestone tiles and paving slabs are not just limited to outdoors though! Refresh your kitchen, dining room or even bathroom floors with our versatile, rigorous porcelain made Italian limestone today.


With their unique, textured surfaces, limestone tiles are a must-have for homes and gardens alike. Regardless of what look you're going for, minimal, bright and airy, limestone tiles are up for the job. Italian limestone is a great alternative to limestone and can be used for both a contemporary or classic look depending on what you're going for. Whilst being available in various colours from warm vanillas to charcoal grey's, rustic stone's and beyond, Italian limestone is an absolute must for the chic home of 2017.


Our Italian limestone is very hardy and doesn't require much, if any maintenance in comparison to limestone itself. Therefore, if you're busy you definitely cannot miss out on this fantastic Italian limestone tile sale.

So whatever you're looking for, be sure not to miss our fantastic sales on Italian limestone tiles and paving slabs to complete your home and garden this summer. These sales won't last forever and 20% is a huge saving for what you're getting, so what are you waiting for? Browse our selection today!



How to create an elegant look in your garden

No matter what size your outdoor space is, you can turn it into a little paradise if you know how to remodel it. You can transform your garden with the addition of some carefully positioned decking and tiles/paving slabs.

Two great products that combine wonderfully well to create a stunning garden

To achieve a light, chic garden design, it is a good idea to use natural, clean and gentle looking colours and all natural materials. Two products that are fantastic in this regard are TimberTech Silver Maple decking and our PrimaPorcelain Tirolo White tiles. The two-tone effect of the Silver Maple is undeniably chic and it will create the perfect space for entertaining outside. This two tone effect is achieved by putting each individual piece of wood through the manufacturing process not once but twice. PrimaPorcelain's Tirolo White tiles are ideal for creating a gleaming garden path or perhaps a small patio area for displaying potted plants, aromatic herbs and shrubs. 



Durability and reliability

The two products mentioned above do not sacrifice robustness for aesthetic appeal. Both are weatherproof, and are easy to wipe clean. The TimberTech decking is coated in individual thin plastic sleeves which does not diminish the effect of the two-tone grain of the wood but which does mean that if food or drink is spilled on the decking it can be wiped up easily without leaving any stains. PrimaPorcelain's tiles/paving slabs are also very easy to install in your garden, as no additional sealants are needed to make them weatherproof.

Get creative and discover new combinations

These two garden products really are the perfect match for each other. The ideas above were just designed to get you started off with your new garden design. Now it's time for you to take over. Let your imagination flow as you plan how to integrate TimberTech's Silver Maple decking and PrimaPorcelain's Tirolo White slabs into your outdoor living space.

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