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Have you been looking to renew your patio? Would like some state of the art materials with an extremely appealing look and reasonable cost? Then you will appreciate our new Fusionstone range of paving slabs, available to you in 20mm thickness and a 60x60cm size, ideal for outdoor use.

These products are made from a proprietary mixture of stones, carefully sourced from the best quarries in Italy. If you appreciate discreet beauty that mesmerizes on close inspection, you will likely favour the Fusionstone products now available to you directly from this page.

Fusionstone is available to you in three colours: white, grey and graphite. Read on to learn more details about this product and how you can best use it to achieve modern looking and beautiful patios.

Impeccable Outdoor Spaces with Fusionstone White
When you first install Fusionstone White, you’re immediately struck with how gorgeous it looks. With its crisp light colour this is a textured paving slab that doesn’t stain and features a textured grip – ideal for outdoor living spaces. 

These paving slabs are incredibly resilient and their precision engineered texture makes for a notably slip-resistant surface. Since this product is made of stones with low porosity, Fusionstone slabs don’t absorb water - meaning they won’t degrade as easily as standard paving slabs. Your paving will look as good as new for many years to come, with no scratches and no fading whatsoever.

Fusionstone Grey for Unmatched Style and Elegance
If you’re looking for the right materials to create a modern looking patio area, you will likely be drawn to the impressive textured finish of the Fusionstone Grey product. This precision engineered paving  provides a stunning grey stone look that closely mimics traditional stone paving, while benefiting from increased durability and lower maintenance.

We have designed this product to offer the best of tradition coupled with the best of science. Fusionstone Grey paving slabs are made of superior quality porcelain that offers all the right qualities for outdoor use. Asides from being incredibly durable, these slabs do not scratch and are fully slip-resistant; they also have a protective coating against UV to ensure they won’t fade out from sun exposure.

Achieve Striking Effects with Fusionstone Graphite
For anyone who wants to achieve a bold effect in their outdoor pavements, we recommend Fusionstone Graphite - the darkest product in our Fusionstone series. Much like the other porcelain paving slabs in this line, the Graphite has a texture quite similar to stone with none of its drawbacks. 

These elegant dark hued tiles require minimal maintenance and offer low durability, meaning you’ll enjoy a perfect looking pavement for many years with minimal worries. They are available in 60x60cm slabs, 20mm in thickness; these slabs are suitable for dry installing, which only adds to their versatility.