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If you're looking to update your garden, balcony, or another outdoor space, you'll want to select a product that not only looks good, but also provides you with a safe and easy-to-maintain outdoor living area. While there are countless products on the market that can offer you an attractive and stylish result on initial installation, many of these will begin to show signs of wear over time, and may even prove to be unsafe and unstable in adverse weather conditions. 
When it comes to planning your patio, you need to keep in mind all the aspects of outdoor life that the material will have to endure, from hot and cold weather to grime and rust. If you are planning on using the area as an outdoor dining space, or for other recreational purposes, it will also have to withstand the risks of stains and scratches.

Here are some of the benefits that porcelain has to offer over other patio materials:

Durability and Lasting Quality - 
No matter what weather it is exposed to, porcelain paving is able to retain its aesthetically pleasing colour and texture, even after constant exposure to the elements. The manufacturing process ensures that it is fade resistant  and is unaffected by the sun's UV, while the low porosity level means that it can easily tolerate sub zero temperatures. It is also a very dense and hard-wearing material, which means that marks from dragging furniture can be wiped away without visible scratching.
Thanks to the variety of grip factors, it is also very easy to find a product with the correct texture for safe outdoor use, while the low porosity level also means that the tiles are almost impervious to moisture, making them highly slip-resistant.
Simple Installation and Maintenance - 
As well as preventing damage and danger from frost and water, the low porosity level of porcelain paving also secures the tiles from staining issues and dirt build-up. This means that they can easily be maintained with a simple sweep and the occasional clean with warm soapy water. The installation process of 20mm porcelain tiles is also made easier by the fact that they can be dry installed, following the instructions here.
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Porcelain flooring is an incredibly versatile solution for both your home and garden, allowing you to create a sleek and fashionable design without having to sacrifice on practicality. Although our customers are always impressed by the quality of our porcelain flooring products, they sometimes have trouble envisioning how porcelain flooring would fit into their home. While it may not be the first option which comes to mind when planning a home improvement project, it is likely to be the most hard-wearing and cost-effective of them all, and looks surprisingly impressive in a number of projects outside of the patio and bathroom.
If you're considering porcelain flooring but are stuck for ideas, here are a few examples of its multifunctional properties:

Clean and Crisp Transitions

Because we supply porcelain flooring for both indoor and outdoor use, our customers are able to create an inviting transition between their indoor and outdoor space. As you can see from the image below, porcelain tiles can be used to co-ordinate the inside of your home with anything from a casual dining space to a driveway, allowing you to extend your creative vision beyond the boundaries of your doors.
Indoor and Outdoor Tiles

Open Plan Harmony

The versatility and easy-to-maintain nature of porcelain flooring also makes it ideal for open plan living, due to the fact that it can create a sense of unity without looking out of place or being impractical for any living situation. It looks just as attractive in a kitchen dining area as it does in a living space, lending a sense of luxury even in small areas.
Limestone Champagne

 Attractive Utility 

Porcelain flooring is ideal for kitchens due to it's stain and slip-resistant qualities, making it safe for the preparation of meals, no matter how messy things get! However, it doesn't have to take on the traditional image of stone flooring, and can be produced in a number of shades and finishes. Take the Driftwood tiles (pictured below) for example, which emulate the notches and patterns of actual wood, proving that you don't have to sacrifice style for functionality.
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