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porcelain tiles

Porcelain paving offers a variety of benefits. Not only is it a stunning addition to any outdoor or indoor space, but it is also so incredibly versatile. There truly is a porcelain tile out there for everyone! 

If you're thinking about installing our tiles, there are many advantages of porcelain. In this blog, we'll go through 5 advantages of porcelain tiles so you can make an informed decision. 


Paving is an excellent way to take your outdoor space to the next level! Whether you’re upgrading your patio, adding a sleek new driveway, or refreshing your garden path, paving is an extremely popular choice. When it comes to outdoor tiling there’s such a diverse range of options available; whatever your style is, you’re sure to find a tile that’s suited to your unique taste.

When faced with the task of selecting the right tiles, not only do you have to consider the aesthetic implications of the shape, size, and colour, but you also have to decide what type of paving tile is best in a practical sense. More...

travertine grey porcelain paving

If you're considering adding porcelain paving to your home or garden, then it's important you know how long it's going to last. After all, you don't want to fork out your hard-earned money on a stunning new patio, just to find that the slabs need replacing within a few years.

Here at PrimaPorcelain, we believe your porcelain tiles should last a minimum of 10 years. That's why all of our products come with a 10 or 15-year warranty as standard. This varies from product to product, so be sure to check the warranty on your chosen porcelain paving before you place your order.


porcelain paving in the garden

If you're looking to install porcelain paving in your garden, it's natural to wonder about the differences between porcelain and other materials. Porcelain pavers are becoming an increasingly popular alternative to natural stone due to their astounding technical specifications, which allow you to enjoy the beautiful look of natural stone without the maintenance.


Outdoor porcelain tiles wet from rain

Outdoor porcelain tiles are designed to withstand all kinds of weather - such as frost, heat, and the UK's signature torrential rain. But are the tiles actually waterproof?