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Once you've chosen the perfect tiles for your new garden design, the next step is picking out furniture items to compliment your new patio area. To help you make your choice, we've selected a variety of tiles from our extensive range, and matched them with some beautiful garden furniture pieces from suppliers we love:

Milan Grey - Breeze Lounge Chairs From The Worm That Turned

Our Milan Grey tiles strike the balance between modern and traditional outdoor flooring, thanks to the combination of their muted grey colour and stone-like texture. For the same reason, these unusual chairs from The Worm That Turned fit the tiles beautifully, combining traditional weave textures with modern design elements.
Milan Grey

Modena Platinum - Clermont Lounge Set From Daro 

The stunning, sliver hue of these tiles makes them ideal for use with both white and grey furniture, but they look particularly striking when combined with the best of both. Combining distressed, vintage vibes with modern shapes, this set is perfect for achieving a classic patio lounge area with an unusual twist.
Modena Set

Quartz Sunrise - 19th Century Bistro Table From Lorfords

These Quartz tiles have a warm, speckled finish that looks incredible in traditional, Parisian style garden designs. If you're looking to make the most of that European-chic, outdoor dining experience, why not add an antique table or bench to add to the authenticity of your design?  
Quartz Sunrise

 Stoneware Slate - Element Coffee Table From CB2 

While our Slate tiles could still look incredible when paired with a multitude of styles, it would be a bold and captivating move to play up their industrial look even more. This could be achieved by combining the tiles with some stunning concrete effect furniture items, such as this modern and minimalist table from CB2. 
Stoneware Slate

Tirolo Cream - Teak Sun Lounger From Maisons du Monde 

These cream tiles have a stunning multi-tonal effect, which is evocative of Mediterranean towns and sandy beaches. To achieve that sought-after sleek look of an impressive hotel in your own garden, why not pair these tiles with a stylish lounger or two? These teak ones are a particularly perfect match, due to the fact that they compliment both the brightness and warmth of the tiles.

Tirolo Cream

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Do you want to create a contemporary look in your house or even your outside living area then our stunning Modena tiles and paving slabs could provide you with the perfect solution.  

Because porcelain has a lower porosity than their stone counterparts, you will never need to worry about stains, moss damage or staining. They are also very hard wearing and will maintain their texture and patterns for a long time to come, as they are particularly resistant to scratches and will not fade when exposed to prolonged sunlight.

These delightful tiles and paving slabs are available in 2 stunning designs: Gunmetal and Platinum.


Modena Gun Metal


Modena Gunmetal

Our Modena gunmetal tiles get their name from their slightly metallic appearance. These tiles will perfectly enhance any contemporary living space. 


Modena gunmetal tiles provide a stunning addition to any modern or classical design projects, and because they are available in 2 thickness's, 1cm and 2cm, these tiles are suitable to be used to add a modern edge to interior or exterior designs.  


Modena Platinum


Modena Platinum

These tiles are some of our favourites here at PrimaPorcelain. Just by looking at them it is easy to see why. These tiles instantly make any modern living area simply stunning. The light silver/grey hue of these slabs is what sets them apart. The neutral tones make these tiles perfect for both traditional/classical and modern interior and exterior design.


Modena Platinum Prima


Like the Modena Gunmetal tiles featured above, these slabs are available in 2 thicknesses, so whether you would like to transform your breakfast room into a stylish breakfast bar, or give your outdoor living space a new lease of life, you can be confident that these tiles will look great all day, every day.

Would you like to see these stunning tiles for yourself? Click here to request your free sample. 

Porcelain Paving
At PrimaPorcelain, we are committed to helping you with every step of your garden patio project, from selecting and ordering your choice of paving, right through to the final installation.  While we provide useful installation resources for those who choose to undertake the project themselves, we understand many people will require a helping hand in achieving the high-quality finish they desire, which is why we offer a professional patio installation service to all of our customers.
We have two teams of experienced installers here at PrimaPorcelain, who are able to travel to most parts of the UK in order to complete a huge variety of projects. From patios to pool surrounds, our installers are able to achieve a fantastic end result no matter what your requirements may be, leaving you with a paving design that makes the most of your investment in a superior product. As well as working on residential properties, our staff also have experience in completing larger, commercial projects, which means that they are just as well versed in completing large-scale installations as they are in working on small patio areas.
If you would like to find out more about our installation service, please feel free to get in touch to discuss your requirements.
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If you are considering redesigning your outdoor living space, bathroom or even your kitchen you may have considered investing in slip-resistant flooring.

Around the home slips and falls on wet surfaces is one of the leading causes of injury. To minimise the risk of these accidents it is advised that slip resistant flooring is installed.  Our range of porcelain tiles and paving slabs come with a variety of different finishes. It is these finishes that will determine the slip resistances of your porcelain tiles.

Here at Prima Porcelain, most of the tiles we provide are available in 4 finishes


  • Textured/ Grip finish – this finish is highly recommended for outdoor use.
  • Fine Textured – suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Smooth finishes – not recommended for outdoor use
  • Polished – not recommended for outdoor use 





vogue Black


Take, for example, our Vogue Black tiles.  These gorgeous tiles make a bold statement when installed indoors or out. These tiles come in 3 different finishes – Polished, Smooth and Textured. 

The polished tiles have a grip factor of 1, meaning that they are unsuitable to be used outside, in a kitchen or in a bathroom. However they would make for a stunning addition to any contemporary living room, breakfast room or hallway.



The smooth tiles are specifically designed to be slip resistant, and with a grip factor of 3, these tiles significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls in areas where the floors may get wet, for instance, Kitchens and bathrooms.  Because of the mid-range grip factor of these tiles, we strongly advise that they are only used indoors.   


 It is important to note that the different finishes all have significant differences in their appearance. We know that having a stunning, smooth bathroom floor is appealing, but please chose your finishes wisely, and ensure that you have the slip resistant flooring in areas of your home where the risk of slipping is significant.  Although, we believe it is truly impossible to eliminate the risk of slipping. By choosing our slip resistant porcelain tiles you are significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls.

If you would like more information about our slip resistant flooring options, click here. Alternatively, you can speak a member of our expert team by calling 029 2080 3750.