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are porcelain pavers durable

There are a lot of well-known benefits when it comes to porcelain paving. Porcelain tiles are water resistant, easy to clean, low maintenance, slip-resistant, and stain-resistant. But are they durable?

By definition, something that's durable is;

‘able to withstand wear, pressure, or damage; hard-wearing.’

So, how does porcelain paving hold up to this definition?


dtoneware sahara outdoor porcelain paving tiles

Porcelain tiles are a durable and resilient paving material that has established itself as a go-to option when it comes to tiling, both indoors and outdoors.

Although porcelain tiles are a popular tiling selection (and they grow more popular by the day), they are still a relatively new player on the scene, and there are a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to porcelain paving installation and maintenance.