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How to create an elegant look in your garden

No matter what size your outdoor space is, you can turn it into a little paradise if you know how to remodel it. You can transform your garden with the addition of some carefully positioned decking and tiles/paving slabs.

Two great products that combine wonderfully well to create a stunning garden

To achieve a light, chic garden design, it is a good idea to use natural, clean and gentle looking colours and all natural materials. Two products that are fantastic in this regard are TimberTech Silver Maple decking and our PrimaPorcelain Tirolo White tiles. The two-tone effect of the Silver Maple is undeniably chic and it will create the perfect space for entertaining outside. This two tone effect is achieved by putting each individual piece of wood through the manufacturing process not once but twice. PrimaPorcelain's Tirolo White tiles are ideal for creating a gleaming garden path or perhaps a small patio area for displaying potted plants, aromatic herbs and shrubs. 



Durability and reliability

The two products mentioned above do not sacrifice robustness for aesthetic appeal. Both are weatherproof, and are easy to wipe clean. The TimberTech decking is coated in individual thin plastic sleeves which does not diminish the effect of the two-tone grain of the wood but which does mean that if food or drink is spilled on the decking it can be wiped up easily without leaving any stains. PrimaPorcelain's tiles/paving slabs are also very easy to install in your garden, as no additional sealants are needed to make them weatherproof.

Get creative and discover new combinations

These two garden products really are the perfect match for each other. The ideas above were just designed to get you started off with your new garden design. Now it's time for you to take over. Let your imagination flow as you plan how to integrate TimberTech's Silver Maple decking and PrimaPorcelain's Tirolo White slabs into your outdoor living space.


PrimaPorcelain Italian Limestone Vanilla paving and tiling was used to create a surprise garden on last night’s episode of Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh! 

Mark Ormrod, a former Marine who lost three limbs in Afghanistan was surprised with this project. His story has already been in the press and has received support from Prince Harry. As the UK’s first triple amputee, Mr Ormrod has raised awareness of the men and women wounded in action fighting on behalf of our country. ITV were happy to help and wanted to support this inspirational man. 

Mark’s recovery is aided when the family spend quality time together using their hot tub. Although the unpredictable British weather does not help those wanting to enjoy their garden, which is why Love Your Garden enlisted our help.

Our Italian Limestone Vanilla paving and tiling was the perfect choice for the Ormrod’s garden as they complimented their hot tub area, and drastically opened up their home space. These paving slabs created a perfect contrast to the dark tiles used in the seating area, as Italian Limestone Vanilla helps bring a light, airy, Mediterranean feel to any outdoor space. They accentuated the flooring area by using our 10mm tiles to create planters, and an outside bar so the family can entertain at ease, and these are just two of the possibilities of our PrimaPorcelain range. 

Italian porcelain tiles can be used for decorating the interior and exterior parts of the house, including the patio. You can use these tiles to create an amazing look that makes you feel free to entertain friends without having to fret about the floor maintaining its quality and appealing look. The limestone material used for outdoor tiles makes them stain resistant; this way, they become easy to maintain and stress-free to handle when it comes to cleaning, so the family can spend more time enjoying their garden and less time maintaining it!

Read more about last night's episode here -

PrimaPorcelain products are sure to improve your garden time too, so if you are interested in transforming your outside space, contact our team now!

PrimaPorcelain 20% Paving Slab Sale

PrimaPorcelain is happy to announce Our June sale - 20% sale on all 1cm and 2cm paving slabs and tiles! 

With warmer weather already taking residence in the UK, it’s the perfect time to create a stylish outdoor summer hangout to share with family and friends. Whether you’re looking to bring together a garden, to experience true alfresco dining, or to just add an extra touch of sophistication to a home, our paving slabs can help. 

Each slab has been designed with the help of 50 years of experience in order to bring you a product with an extraordinary level of craftsmanship. They come in a range of over 30 designs, including Limestone Champagne and Quartz Nightfall. In addition, every slab promises easy installation and all-weather durability that keeps them safe from frost, fires, and heavy moisture.

Our 1cm and 2cm porcelain slabs can installed without the need for cement or mortar and directly on to support pedestals as a structural paving slab. They are truly load bearing slabs and will stand up to the tests of heavy duty footfall and intense home use. 

Where dry installation is suitable, you can have a professional looking installation, quickly and cleanly, without any need for expert help or specialised tools. They can be used immediately after installation; if you order today, then you can be using your need outdoor space within days. 

For a limited time only you could be saving hundreds on your paving slab and tile needs: with 1cm tiles starting from £26.01 (+VAT) per square meter and 2cm slabs starting from £42.84 (+VAT) per square metre. 

Call today or order online to take advantage of this fantastic deal!