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We've gone about the benefits of porcelain tiles forever, but what's the point in discussing the benefits if you don't know how to use your porcelain tiles effectively? 

To help you decide where to use your porcelain tiles around your property, we've put together a blog outlining the best places to use porcelain tiles so you can appreciate their full beauty and functionality.


1. Near Water

If you have an outdoor swimming area such as a pool or a hot tub, porcelain tiles are great to use outside in high-moisture areas This is because porcelain tiles have amazing slip resistance due to their low absorption rate. 

All of our outdoor porcelain tiles have a tile slip rating of R11 meaning they're perfectly designed for safe and secure use around areas of water. This way, they can look beautiful, all while keeping your household safe! They're perfect for minimising the risk of any nasty slips or falls near water.

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2. In High Traffic Areas

The main benefit of porcelain is its durability. Porcelain tiles are far stronger than ceramic tile alternatives, and this is due to the vitrification process where the porcelain tile is baked at a high temperature. 

The result of this process is an extremely strong material that can withstand pressure and consistent use. Due to this, it's a great idea to use indoor porcelain tiles in areas of high traffic, such as in communal living areas, hallways, and entryways. 


3. In Kids' Play Areas

If you or anyone that visits your property has children, porcelain is an excellent material to use to keep any surprise messes at bay.

Porcelain tiles are super easy to clean, and even easier to maintain. With the moisture resistance and stain resistance of porcelain tiles, you won't have to worry about any rogue stains or messes. 

If you find your porcelain tiles get a bit too grubby for your liking, all you need to keep your porcelain tiles clean is use a bucket of warm, soapy water and a mop as and when required. This may sound too good to be true, but that's all porcelain tiles need to stay squeaky clean!


4. Outside Your Property

In the UK, we have lots of weather variation. Some very hot days, and some extremely cold days! Thankfully, porcelain tiles can withstand it all. 

Porcelain tiles are frost-proof - so much so that they can tolerate sub-zero temperatures. This means you won't have to worry about your porcelain tile patio wasting away throughout the winter months.

Similarly, our porcelain tiles are amazingly fade and UV resistant to the sun's beams, so porcelain tiles can be used in outdoor areas such as patios and driveways without ever losing their beauty.


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