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We have dozens of different paving colours on offer here at PrimaPorcelain, and we love it when our customers combine two of those colours to create a spectacular two-tone patio.

There are many different ways to utilise contrasting colours when designing your patio, and each method produces strikingly unique results. Read on for some eye-catching examples of this 'mix and match' approach to paving your garden!


Black and white checkerboard patio paving

1. Checkerboard Patio Paving

One of the most popular two-tone patio designs is the 'checkerboard' style, where dark and light tiles are alternated to imitate the appearance of a chess board. This customer achieved that very look using our Henley Black and Hampton Silver paving slabs.


Light cream patio with dark border tiles

2. Light-Coloured Patio with Dark Border

White paving slabs look even better when they're edged with dark tiles for contrast. That's exactly what this PrimaPorcelain customer from Swansea did; his cream-coloured patio contrasts wonderfully with the dark grey slabs that he used to create a bold border around this outdoor dining area.


Silver patio with raised black tile area

3. Two Levels, Two Colours

Here's a fabulous multi-level patio design that once again twins bold Henley Black with stylish Hampton Silver. The silver slabs provide the base for this outdoor space, but the raised area uses the black pavers instead, creating a dramatic contrast between the two levels.

All of the examples we've looked at so far combine two different PrimaPorcelain products, but as you're about to see, this isn't the only way to create a dazzling two-tone patio. Some of our products offer a high level of colour variation all on their own...


Paved area with multi-coloured tiles

4. Multi-Coloured Paving Slabs

The gorgeous outdoor space pictured above is paved with our 20mm Quartz Twilight patio tiles. This product's shade variation rating is V4 (High), which means that the colour varies quite significantly from one tile to the next. If you'd prefer not to purchase two different paving products, the likes of Quartz Twilight mean that you can still have a multi-coloured patio that features a range of different shades.


High-contrast Slate Rust patio paving

5. High-Contrast Patio Tiles

Finally, we absolutely must introduce you to our stunning Slate Rust paving slabs (pictured above). Brimming with personality, this product offers a truly unique twist on standard slate tiles - the sharply contrasting colours are something of an acquired taste, but for what it's worth, we think the results look absolutely brilliant!

As you can see, there are lots of different ways to go about creating a two-tone patio. If you're thinking of adding some tiles to your garden, our low-maintenance, fade-resistant porcelain paving is an excellent choice - click here to order up to 3 free samples.

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