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We have dozens of different paving colours on offer here at PrimaPorcelain, and we love it when our customers combine two of those colours to create a spectacular two-tone patio.

There are many different ways to utilise contrasting colours when designing your patio, and each method produces strikingly unique results. Read on for some eye-catching examples of this 'mix and match' approach to paving your garden!


Black and white checkerboard patio paving

1. Checkerboard Patio Paving

One of the most popular two-tone patio designs is the 'checkerboard' style, where dark and light tiles are alternated to imitate the appearance of a chess board. This customer achieved that very look using our Henley Black and Hampton Silver paving slabs.


The COVID-19 pandemic has put a lot of our summer plans on hold, but there is a silver lining! Being stuck at home has given homeowners the opportunity to renovate their gardens and create a little slice of heaven that they can enjoy all year round.

We asked 400 people to complete a survey about the renovations they'd done in their home since the coronavirus pandemic started. Here you can see the responses to the question: Have you made any additions to your garden because of the COVID-19 lockdown measures? 

We gave 16 options for respondents to choose from and allowed them to tick any number of answers (including none at all). Here are the results...

results from pandemic garden survey


Unique patio design with hexagon insert

Nothing brightens our day more than receiving a beautiful photo of a PrimaPorcelain customer's brand new patio.

The picture above was taken by a Mr White, who used our 20mm Travertine Cream paving to create an exquisite and unique patio design in his back garden.

We especially love the hexagonal insert that this customer included in his patio design. Very unique!

The patio's smoothly curving edges are another treat for the eyes.

Here's what Mr White had to say about the service we provided:

"Communicating with PrimaPorcelain was easy and my delivery was on time. I'm very pleased with the quality and finish of the porcelain, and with the patio's overall appearance."

If you've got a unique patio design in mind, our low-maintenance porcelain paving slabs are the perfect material for the job. PrimaPorcelain tiles come in all sorts of gorgeous colours and designs, and they're durable enough to last for years no matter what the weather has to say about it.

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Block paving has long been a staple of outdoor flooring design, both in residential and commercial areas, as well as public spaces.

However, just because this classic method is a tried and tested approach doesn’t mean there aren’t new and novel ways of achieving this established paving look.


Block paving


Popular Block Paving Patterns

While block paving can come in many forms with a variety of different designs, colours and sizes, there are a few go-to methods when it comes to aesthetics.

Here are the three block paving patterns you’re most likely to find dotted throughout your local neighbourhood.


Stretcher Bond

The most simplistic of all the flooring patterns, the classic stretcher bond look is one that never goes out of fashion.

Also known as running bond or half bond, the joints of each block are offset exactly half the width of each block beneath and above it.

The finished aesthetic provides a clean, uniform pattern from left to right, resembling a traditional brickwork pattern.



Named for its likeness to the bones of a fish, herringbone paving is a common choice for driveway designs in particular, providing a common sense of direction in its pattern.

The mechanics of the pavers also help ensure that the blocks won’t become displaced when vehicles brake and turn on them.

The mesmerising pattern is achieved by interlocking slabs to create an arrowhead, zig-zag effect for a beguiling finish.



Perhaps the most common and popular alternative to straight flooring pattern, the basketweave is named for its likeness to – you guessed it – a woven basket.

The end-result of interlacing blocks create a visual that looks as though the slabs are weaving under and over each other.

The traditional block paving basketweave pattern involves columns of pavers, alternating repeatedly between two vertical pavers on top of two horizontal pavers.

This also comes in a variety of sub-categories and modifications, such as the Boxed Basketweave and the Californian Weave.


common block paving patterns

"Common Block Paving Patterns" by Selcltd licensed under CC BY 3.0 (unchanged)


Porcelain Block Paving Patterns

While block paving patterns have long been achieved through the use of brick and stone, there is no hard or fast rule that says you have to use a particular material to achieve such as finish.

In fact, provided that the pavers themselves are rectangular in shape, the choice of material is completely up to you!

While there are plenty of options to choose from, we believe that porcelain is the king of outdoor paving. With a myriad of benefits and virtually limitless design options, the upside of porcelain is incomparable.

Boasting extreme elemental durability and unrivalled resistance to scratches and abrasions, porcelain is robust enough to withstand the demands of any outdoor environment, including driveways.

What’s more, its low porosity makes it extremely resistant to staining and also provides a high level of slip resistance. Add to that fade resistance that is unparalleled by any other material and you have yourself the perfect material for your outdoor design.

Speaking of design, why limit yourself to the bog-standard orange brick aesthetic? PrimaPorcelain has the largest selection of porcelain tile design in the UK, allowing you to achieve a traditional block paving pattern with a contemporary look for a truly unique finish.


What are you waiting for? Order a FREE sample of your favourite paving design today and explore the world of block paving patterns available with porcelain paving. Call now on 029 2080 3756 or click the button below to get in touch online.

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Making your driveway stand out from the crowd can be a tough task. After all, what’s so sexy about parking space?

Well, with a bit of effort and a little imagination, you may be surprised!

A unique approach, a splash of colour and a quality choice of paver could turn your plain, personal parking spot into a radiant runway fit for a king’s carriage.

How so? Read on to find out.


driveway designs


Driveway Design Ideas

When creating a unique driveway design for your home, it’s important to remember that a driveway isn’t just a designated area for your car. It’s often the first thing you and your visitors will see when approaching your front door, making it a prime focal point of the property.

As such, a memorable driveway design is a fantastic way to create a great first impression.


Tiles for Driveways

Block paving has been the staple of driveway design for decades, creating a visually appealing pattern that is both functional and fashionable.

That being said, fashion changes and functionality can be achieved just as well with a variety of other means and materials, from gravel to tarmac.

At PrimaPorcelain, we take great pride in providing top quality paving solutions that offer design and durability in equal measure.

For a truly unique finish that’s as practical as it is attractive, the world of porcelain paving is well worth exploring.


Things to Consider for Driveway Designs

When planning your driveway design, considerable thought, attention and organisation can make all the difference.

This is particularly applicable to tile designs; here’s a few things to consider when designing your driveway paving plan.



Tile colour can naturally have a profound impact on the overall design of your driveway, with the ability to influence the mood, feel and ambience of your home in one fell swoop.

Clean, crisp colours and silvery greys can create an urban style that’s rich in cosmopolitan appeal, whereas a more traditional vibe can be created using natural stone-look tiles and lighter colours for a warm and welcoming homely feel.



The size of the tiles will also naturally dictate the number of tiles you need to cover the area of your driveway, so be sure to take this into account before ordering.

Larger tiles are ideal for creating the illusion of space, while smaller tiles are perfect for intricate, more detailed designs.

You may want to include a variety of sizes to break up the design, while bordering your larger pavers with smaller tiles can make for a fantastic boundary to your drive space.



For rectangular pavers, in particular, the orientation of the tiles can have a big influence on the overall design.

Horizontally laid tiles will give an organic sense of width for a wider aesthetic finish, while vertically laid tiles will make your driveway seem longer.

Meanwhile, diagonal paving placement can also create a fantastic finish that also provides an appealing sense of direction at the same time.



Much like orientation, the way the pavers are laid can also have a distinct influence on the overall aesthetic; e.g. criss-cross patterns have a completely different visual effect than uniform tiling.

For the ultimate unique finish, a combination of tile colours, shapes and sizes can be utilised to great effect for an awesome finish that’s truly one of a kind.



 For more details on driveway designs and our range of porcelain paving solutions, give us a call today. Call 029 2080 3756 to talk with one of our paving specialists or drop us an email using the button below.

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