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20mm Quartz Twilight Detail

20mm Quartz Twilight Paving

Due to their thicker and stronger composition, our 20mm Quartz Twilight paving slabs are specifically designed for outdoor use. Measuring at 60cm x 60cm, this variegated paving can be ‘dry-installed’ via our pedestal paving system instead of using an adhesive. However, they have the ability to be traditionally installed if needed.

Thickness: 20mm Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm
Also available in 10mm, ideal if a seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor space is what you’re looking for.Order A Sample

Quartz Twilight Key features

Grip Factor - 4

Every product in each of our ranges is given a Grip Factor rating between 1 (very low slip resistance) and 5 (very high slip resistance). Quartz Twilight has a Grip Factor rating of 4, meaning it has a high slip resistance, ideal for outdoor spaces that are frequently exposed to high levels of moisture.

Shade Variation - High (V4)

This variegated paving comes with a high shade variation rating of V4, meaning there is a higher level of variation of colour between each paving slab. Resulting in a stand-out flooring option that encompasses a wide range of tones and shades.

Textured Grip

Our 20mm Twilight Quartz paving comes with a textured grip finish, creating a beautiful natural stone look while providing a high-grip surface perfect for any outdoor space.

20mm Quartz Twilight Paving – A Closer Look

Fancy seeing this gorgeous variegated paving up close and personal? Take a look at our video to see just how our 20mm Twilight Quartz slabs can be used in any outdoor space. Watch now to get that little bit of inspiration you need to get your paving project started.Order A Sample
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Product Specifications
60cm x 60cm
Textured Grip
Weight of Slab
R Rating
Suitable Adhesive

Dry-Install Twilight Paving with our State-of-the-Art Paver System

Installing your porcelain paving couldn’t be easier: no longer is there a need for cement or grout. Depending on conditions, our paving system allows you to dry-install your paving slabs onto our innovative pedestal supports. This process is straightforward and allows any DIY enthusiast to give it a go themselves, although if you do need assistance, our team of professional installers are on hand to help.Find Out More

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