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Porcelain paving in a garden

Porcelain paving is an increasingly popular choice for outdoor living spaces. Vitrified porcelain has a number of attractive advantages when compared to more traditional materials like turf or natural stone paving - but are there any downsides?

If you're mulling whether or not to purchase some porcelain paving for your garden, we hope this rundown of porcelain's pros and cons will help you to make your decision!


Pros of porcelain paving

  • Low porosity - One of the key benefits of porcelain is its low porosity. Porcelain pavers are far less absorbent than their natural stone counterparts, making them significantly more resistant to moisture damage, staining, etc.

  • Low maintenance - Their low porosity and outstanding durability means that porcelain paving slabs require virtually no maintenance at all. Most notably, PrimaPorcelain paving products never have to be sealed, and an annual jet wash will be sufficient to keep them looking great.

  • Dry installation - Our 20mm thick paving slabs can be 'dry-installed' in your garden without any cement or adhesive whatsoever. This is possible thanks to our revolutionary pedestal support system.


Cons of porcelain paving

  • Higher cost - The price of porcelain paving varies widely depending on the quality of the product you're buying, but as a general rule, you will have to pay more for porcelain than for other paving materials. But remember that the initial outlay is only part of the story: be sure to compare warranty length, maintenance requirements, and other key performance indicators.

  • More difficult to cut - Vitrified porcelain tiles are harder and thus more difficult to cut than other paving materials. It can be done, but may require specialist cutting equipment. On a related note, some installers may be reluctant to work with porcelain if they don't have much experience with this material.

  • Different appearance - Don't get us wrong, porcelain paving is beautiful, but if you're a big fan of the natural stone look then it may not be your first choice. Give porcelain a chance, though: many of the products we sell are specifically designed to look like natural stone. Browse our stone-effect porcelain paving here.


Still unsure? Order a sample and decide for yourself!

If you're still not sure whether porcelain paving is the right choice for your outdoor living space, help is at hand - you can order up to 3 paving samples from PrimaPorcelain right now, for FREE!

Order Your FREE Porcelain Paving Samples

We have approximately 50 different porcelain paving designs to choose from, so have a browse, pick your favourites, and discover the pros and cons of porcelain paving for yourself!

If you'd like to discuss your outdoor paving project with a member of the PrimaPorcelain team, please don't hesitate to give us a call on 029 2080 3756.

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