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Outdoor Floor Tiles

Having outdoor floor tiles can save you a lot of work - certainly when compared to other materials commonly found in the garden.

And PrimaPorcelain's outdoor tiles are an especially fine choice! Once the paving slabs are laid, your work is more or less done - our products require very little maintenance and will last for years whatever the weather brings. When you compare this to other popular forms of flooring, you soon see the benefits of having our stunning porcelain paving.

Just to give you a clearer idea of the pitfalls, here are a few of the most common types of outdoor flooring:

Grass/Turf - We would all like to look out our window and see beautiful green vistas, but the reality is not quite so idyllic. Although great in the summer, a lawn through rest of the year usually remains damp, muddy, and in need of a cutting! And that's the other thing, to look its best any lawn is going to need regular upkeep - it's like it needs a weekly haircut.

Gravel - Gravel can be a nice idea, and we cannot deny that in the right property it can look great. Presentation wise, though, gravel can and will drive you up the wall! The thing with having masses of mobile stones is that they get everywhere - you'll be forever finding remnants of your gravel in unwanted places. Over time, this causes your gravel to reduce in size, creating unsightly wells in your flooring - which, let's face it, isn't great.

Natural Stone - It is the lovers of stone outdoor floor tiles that we feel we can especially help. Natural stone does look beautiful, undeniably. It also has a timeless solidity that reassures owners into thinking it's indestructible. But natural stone is susceptible to water damage, and stains easily. Our porcelain paving is made to mirror the beauty of stone in every way, the only difference is our stone allows no water through. This means it requires no maintenance and won't stain, scratch, or spoil!

Save yourself the bother of having tiresome flooring, instead choose our quality outdoor floor tiles!

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