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There was once a time when porcelain was considered a fragile, delicate material, reserved for use in tea sets and trinkets. However, new technologies and firing techniques have allowed manufacturers to create thicker and more durable porcelain products. 

Since these advancements people have been made aware of the potential and versatility of porcelain. More and more uses have been found through decades of developments, and that includes paving. Porcelain is an extremely popular paving option, but if you're here reading this article, you're probably wondering if porcelain is worth the hype?


That was how the classic Cliff Richard carol went, right? Since before the dawn of time, citizens of planet Earth have commonly associated the Christmas holidays with porcelain paving tiles. Okay, so perhaps that isn’t strictly true, but it should be! For what better gift to give your loved one this Christmas than a present which won’t age, which will remain stylish and beautiful for many years to come, which won’t stain or scratch, which will be the envy of their peers and which will transform their home into a personal haven?

We would like to assure readers that giving the gift of porcelain tiles for inside the home, outside the home, or both if you’re feeling particularly festive, will fill the recipient’s heart with joy…and that even applies if you give this gift to yourself!

Our stunning Italian porcelain tiles come in a gorgeous variety of natural colours which will provide a foundation for any decorative plans inside or outside the home. No matter which colour scheme or theme you’re going for, we have a porcelain tile or slab which will compliment your ideas perfectly.

Nothing spells Christmas quite like making your neighbours jealous of your beautiful home, so give the gift of eternal bragging rights along with a beautiful porcelain floor this December. Our personal favourites are:


1. For inside the home: Limestone Vanilla – because this creamy colour adds a spacious and light atmosphere to any room.


2. For outside the home: Onyx – because thesgorgeous black paving slabs are sleek and modern, transforming your garden into a sophisticated outdoor space.


So what are you waiting for, gift-givers? Spread the festive cheer by offering your loved one the home of their dreams with a little help from Refin this Christmas. The only possible downside to this plan is that the fail-safe option of socks and a mug will never be acceptable again.

Request your Refin sample pack today to begin the transformation of your home ASAP. If you need any help or advice, please don’t hesitate to contact us at 029 2037 1584. Merry Christmas!

Fit for the Job

If your tiles were made out of porcelain, you would soon start to see that porcelain was quite simply made to tile! Our houses are full of assigned materials that fit their function so perfectly: our tables are made from wood, our pipes from copper, and our windows from glass.

You see a material's look, properties, and performance define its place in our home, and although porcelain is still not entirely a household name when it comes to tiles, we are confident that as soon as people start to see it in action, it will be!

Porcelain Trumps Stone, Every Time

Here at Refin, we want our glorious porcelain tiles to be the first thing you think of when it comes to tiling your floor – we realise this won’t be a quick or easy task, but our confidence that it is doable lies in the sheer quality and superiority of our product. We want porcelain to overtake natural stone as the primary flooring tile surface, as it’s a much more competent material for the job!

Inside & Outside

Our porcelain tiles come in two sizes – In.Out 1.0 and OUT 2.0 – intended for both indoor and outdoor use. Whichever size or application you choose porcelain for you will be guaranteed a wonder material! Every avenue in which natural stone falls short, porcelain performs effortlessly better.

A Matter of Facts

Porcelain resists scratches, stains, and slippages, not to mention it being an incredibly hard-wearing material. If you choose natural stone to tile your floor with, you will have to dedicate labour every year to sealing and treating it just to keep it intact! You never have to worry about any maintenance with porcelain, and instead you can concentrate on relishing your exquisitely tiled floor!

Looking Good

Don’t think you have to compromise on aesthetics either, as porcelain is manufactured to mirror the finest of natural stones such as quartz, as well as invent its own striking and innovative shades such as Bluestone and Driftwood. We even offer a free courtesy sample of our tiles, just so you can be reassured of its striking appearance and resounding appeal.

If you have been considering any other material to tile your floor with, then we at Refin urge you to reconsider! All it takes is a quick look at the facts to realise that porcelain is the ultimate flooring tile.

It goes without saying that porcelain paving is great for the garden, but bear in mind that our In.Out Porcelain Tiles can be used indoors as well! Tile flooring never fails to have a delightful effect on interiors, and it's a stylish alternative to more common flooring products like laminate and carpet.

But where in the home do our porcelain flooring tiles have the biggest impact? Here are a few tips:

  • If your living room feels slightly stuffy at present, porcelain tiles are perfect for cooling it down. We'd recommend the Bluestone Vintage tiles for a living room; they're the ultimate blend of traditional and modern styles.
  • Porcelain flooring tiles look right at home in the kitchen, and they're less vulnerable to spilled food and splashed water than carpets and wood are! We've found that our Driftwood porcelain is particularly well-suited to a kitchen environment, perhaps because of the earthy undertones that lie beneath its contemporary sheen.
  • The bathroom is another space that's ripe with porcelain possibility. The Limestone Vanilla flooring tiles are a great choice for the bathroom, giving you a calm, creamy colour that will make everything feel that little bit lighter.

Of course, these aren't the only rooms that will benefit from the addition of porcelain flooring. The tiles are equally capable of brightening your bedroom, classing up your conservatory, or bringing harmony to your hallway! Order a free sample today, and find out just how appealing our porcelain can be.

Italy has given the world a lot of good things, and curiously enough, rather a lot of them begin with the letter P. You've got pizza and pasta, obviously, but the Italians also came up with parachutes, pianos, petrol engines....and, of course, perfect porcelain paving products! All of the tiles and pavers we supply are sourced straight from Italy, so your newly-tiled outdoor space will have a Mediterranean magnificence that's absent from other porcelain tiles.

Italian porcelain production has a rich history, and the Italian for cool, classy style is evident in every porcelain tile we provide. Just look at the creamy complexion of our Limestone Champagne paving, or the classical design that makes the Bluestone Vintage tiles so appealing, and you'll see just how exquisite this Italian porcelain is.

Of course, appearances are only half the battle, and our Italian porcelain would be a lot less impressive if it weren't so robust. Fortunately, the Refin team have made their products as well-built as they are beautiful; once you've laid your porcelain tiles, they'll need very little in the way of care and maintenance to keep them looking good.

So push aside poor porcelain products and plump for some proper Italian porcelain, pronto!