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Large kitchen floor tiles

Our porcelain tiles are ideal for large kitchens. They can provide a clean, fresh finish that is often missing from carpet and wooden flooring options. Larger rooms can sometimes feel empty, but with our large kitchen floor tiles, you can rest assured that your spacious kitchen will maintain a modern style while also looking nice and homely.

PrimaPorcelain has a huge range of kitchen floor tiles which are guaranteed to suit any large kitchen space. And, whilst they enhance the decor of any kitchen area due to their amazing styles and textures, they are also extremely practical. Porcelain is a great flooring material for kitchens due to its durability and low-maintenance quality, from spillages to scratches, your PrimaPorcelain tiles will stand the test of time.

If you're in need of some inspiration in selecting kitchen flooring, keep reading! This blog will showcase our exclusive range of kitchen floor tiles, for kitchens that need a bit of wow-factor. We'll show you how to give your kitchen a grand feel worthy of its title as "the heart of the home". Whether you like cool creams, sparkling greys or something in between, we have the style to match your taste!


Large Kitchen Floor Tiles: Lighter Tones

Lighter-coloured flooring is more suited to those kitchens whose decor is darker. Our porcelain in lighter shades adds a feel of style and modernity to kitchen spaces - its brightness also captures and enhances your kitchen space, especially if your kitchen decor is dark!

If your large kitchen doesn't get much natural sunlight, selecting lighter-coloured tiles is a great way of counteracting this. Here are a couple of our favourite lighter-toned flooring options:


Stoneware silver kitchen tiles

Stoneware Silver

This chic and modern tile is perfect for larger kitchen spaces as it's extremely easy to clean (and a big kitchen can get very messy!). Being slip resistant, Stoneware Silver is great if your kitchen area links to your outdoor space. Our porcelain tiles can easily be cleaned when you return from snowy, wet or muddy conditions - and they're great for furry friends!


Forest Oak Tiles

Forest Oak

If your kitchen has furniture in cool decor shades, (such as white and grey tones), these Forest Oak kitchen tiles will look simply stunning. Forest Oak tiles add classic and homely vibes to your modern kitchen space, whilst still keeping it extremely contemporary. The juxtaposition in styles and colours make for a stylish, beautiful kitchen. These tiles are great if you'd like to have a real wood effect floor without the maintenance!


Large Kitchen Floor Tiles: Darker Tones

What's great about darker toned tiles, especially in larger areas, is that they are more hard-wearing. What we mean by this is, they show less marks as darker tiles often have flecks of different colours; making them very practical. What's not to love?


Travertine Grey tiles

Travertine Grey

Travertine Grey is part of our middle colour range. These tiles' gorgeous marble effect project an array of grey and white shades. If you're looking to add a real wow-factor to your large kitchen space, these floor tiles are your perfect match! They instantly add character to both modern and classical-style kitchens, and their look matches pretty much any kitchen decor and interior.


Large kitchen with Bolzano Graphite tiles

Bolzano Graphite

Bolzano Graphite is the best choice for darker kitchen flooring as the tiles are extremely durable; we know how messy a busy kitchen can sometimes get! Our Bolzano tiles also require little to zero maintenance - making your life easier!


Which Kitchen Floor Tiles Will You Choose?

These large kitchen floor tile ideas show only a handful of the products PrimaPorcelain have to offer. If you're looking to add the wow-factor to your large kitchen space, why not visit PrimaPorcelain to see our full range?

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It’s no secret that the summer months are the best time to make the most of your garden! The unpredictable British weather means we have to take what we can get in terms of sunshine, but it also means that you need garden flooring which can withstand a variety of weather conditions (namely, rain). Laying slate garden tiles from PrimaPorcelain will turn any garden into a beautiful, modern space while also packing in the durability needed to last throughout the seasons. 

(Slate Ivory Tiles)

These beautiful slate ivory tiles will make any outdoor living space look spacious, fresh and bright. With a medium price rating, these slate garden tiles are excellent quality and look incredibly luxurious and expensive –  despite being very reasonably priced. Laying these ivory slate garden tiles will make you want to spend a lot more time in the garden!

(Slate Silver Tiles)

Our outdoor slate garden tiles in silver offer an authentic stone look which also accommodates a high-grip rating, making them ideal for your garden or outdoor space. We just love this silver slate look, it’s sure to transform your garden – these slate garden tiles truly exude style. Plus, their durability means you can appreciate your beautiful garden flooring all year round.

(Slate Grey Tiles)

These gorgeous slate grey garden tiles are the perfect choice for creating an appealing outdoor living space. Offered in a 2cm thickness, these garden slabs can be dry-installed outside without any need for adhesive. What’s not to like?

(Slate Black Tiles)

Rediscover your love for the garden with these lovely black slate garden tiles! Installing this garden slate paving will make for a trendy outdoor space. The shade variation for this product is V3 – meaning the slight shade difference from tile-to-tile will give a beautiful, organic look.


If you’re finding it hard to decide between our range of beautiful slate garden tiles, order some of our FREE samples to see for yourself the incredible quality of the outdoor slate tiles offered by PrimaProcelain! You really can’t beat PrimaPorcelain on quality when it comes to slate garden tiles, for more information on PrimaPorcelain products give us a call on 029 2080 3756.   


Porcelain flooring is an incredibly versatile solution for both your home and garden, allowing you to create a sleek and fashionable design without having to sacrifice on practicality. Although our customers are always impressed by the quality of our porcelain flooring products, they sometimes have trouble envisioning how porcelain flooring would fit into their home. While it may not be the first option which comes to mind when planning a home improvement project, it is likely to be the most hard-wearing and cost-effective of them all, and looks surprisingly impressive in a number of projects outside of the patio and bathroom.
If you're considering porcelain flooring but are stuck for ideas, here are a few examples of its multifunctional properties:

Clean and Crisp Transitions

Because we supply porcelain flooring for both indoor and outdoor use, our customers are able to create an inviting transition between their indoor and outdoor space. As you can see from the image below, porcelain tiles can be used to co-ordinate the inside of your home with anything from a casual dining space to a driveway, allowing you to extend your creative vision beyond the boundaries of your doors.
Indoor and Outdoor Tiles

Open Plan Harmony

The versatility and easy-to-maintain nature of porcelain flooring also makes it ideal for open plan living, due to the fact that it can create a sense of unity without looking out of place or being impractical for any living situation. It looks just as attractive in a kitchen dining area as it does in a living space, lending a sense of luxury even in small areas.
Limestone Champagne

 Attractive Utility 

Porcelain flooring is ideal for kitchens due to it's stain and slip-resistant qualities, making it safe for the preparation of meals, no matter how messy things get! However, it doesn't have to take on the traditional image of stone flooring, and can be produced in a number of shades and finishes. Take the Driftwood tiles (pictured below) for example, which emulate the notches and patterns of actual wood, proving that you don't have to sacrifice style for functionality.
To see the quality of our porcelain flooring yourself, order a free sample from our selection!
If you would like help to plan your flooring project, you can also enquire about our free 3D design service.