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Grey porcelain tiles in kitchen

Our porcelain tiles are perfect for contemporary kitchen designs. A couple of months ago, we received some photos from a customer who had used our stylish 8mm Bolzano Grey tiles in her kitchen - we think the results are truly outstanding!


Large kitchen floor tiles

Our porcelain tiles are ideal for large kitchens. They can provide a clean, fresh finish that is often missing from carpet and wooden flooring options. Larger rooms can sometimes feel empty, but with our large kitchen floor tiles, you can rest assured that your spacious kitchen will maintain a modern style while also looking nice and homely.

PrimaPorcelain has a huge range of kitchen floor tiles which are guaranteed to suit any large kitchen space. And, whilst they enhance the decor of any kitchen area due to their amazing styles and textures, they are also extremely practical. Porcelain is a great flooring material for kitchens due to its durability and low-maintenance quality, from spillages to scratches, your PrimaPorcelain tiles will stand the test of time.

If you're in need of some inspiration in selecting kitchen flooring, keep reading! This blog will showcase our exclusive range of kitchen floor tiles, for kitchens that need a bit of wow-factor. We'll show you how to give your kitchen a grand feel worthy of its title as "the heart of the home". Whether you like cool creams, sparkling greys or something in between, we have the style to match your taste!


Large Kitchen Floor Tiles: Lighter Tones

Lighter-coloured flooring is more suited to those kitchens whose decor is darker. Our porcelain in lighter shades adds a feel of style and modernity to kitchen spaces - its brightness also captures and enhances your kitchen space, especially if your kitchen decor is dark!

If your large kitchen doesn't get much natural sunlight, selecting lighter-coloured tiles is a great way of counteracting this. Here are a couple of our favourite lighter-toned flooring options:


Stoneware silver kitchen tiles

Stoneware Silver

This chic and modern tile is perfect for larger kitchen spaces as it's extremely easy to clean (and a big kitchen can get very messy!). Being slip resistant, Stoneware Silver is great if your kitchen area links to your outdoor space. Our porcelain tiles can easily be cleaned when you return from snowy, wet or muddy conditions - and they're great for furry friends!


Forest Oak Tiles

Forest Oak

If your kitchen has furniture in cool decor shades, (such as white and grey tones), these Forest Oak kitchen tiles will look simply stunning. Forest Oak tiles add classic and homely vibes to your modern kitchen space, whilst still keeping it extremely contemporary. The juxtaposition in styles and colours make for a stylish, beautiful kitchen. These tiles are great if you'd like to have a real wood effect floor without the maintenance!


Large Kitchen Floor Tiles: Darker Tones

What's great about darker toned tiles, especially in larger areas, is that they are more hard-wearing. What we mean by this is, they show less marks as darker tiles often have flecks of different colours; making them very practical. What's not to love?


Travertine Grey tiles

Travertine Grey

Travertine Grey is part of our middle colour range. These tiles' gorgeous marble effect project an array of grey and white shades. If you're looking to add a real wow-factor to your large kitchen space, these floor tiles are your perfect match! They instantly add character to both modern and classical-style kitchens, and their look matches pretty much any kitchen decor and interior.


Large kitchen with Bolzano Graphite tiles

Bolzano Graphite

Bolzano Graphite is the best choice for darker kitchen flooring as the tiles are extremely durable; we know how messy a busy kitchen can sometimes get! Our Bolzano tiles also require little to zero maintenance - making your life easier!


Which Kitchen Floor Tiles Will You Choose?

These large kitchen floor tile ideas show only a handful of the products PrimaPorcelain have to offer. If you're looking to add the wow-factor to your large kitchen space, why not visit PrimaPorcelain to see our full range?

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We love seeing pictures of our top-quality tiles in situ, and today, we've got a couple of truly spectacular shots to show you.
Quartz Kitchen
This kitchen belongs to a customer of ours in Cardiff, and of all the fabulous photographs we've received from clients who chose PrimaPorcelain for their projects, the snaps this person sent us are among the most impressive.
We often boast that our porcelain tiles are perfect for the kitchen floor, and this beautiful kitchen is ample proof of that claim. This customer opted for our ever-popular Quartz Twilight tiles, and as we think you'll agree, it was a wonderful choice; the variegated colour gives this space a truly jaw-dropping look.

Quartz Kitchen Prima

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