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Indoor / Outdoor Tiles from PrimaPorcelain

Matching your patio paving to the floor you’ve got inside is a fantastic way to add beauty to your home and make everything look a little more consistent. But if you’re already happy with your indoor floor, finding an outdoor floor to match can be a real headache!

We think that co-ordinating your indoor and outdoor flooring is one of the most effective design tricks in the book. If you want your living space to look lovely on the inside and the outside, PrimaPorcelain can help – we sell tiles for internal and external use, so you can match one space to the other.

Beautiful Inside and Out!

Using the same flooring design in both the home and the garden is a great way to make the latter look like an impeccable continuation of the former. Our porcelain tiles are available in two different thicknesses: 10mm for indoor use, and 20mm for outside.

Matching tiles have a magnificent effect when used in two separate spaces, and whether you choose to use textured Sandstone tiles or one of our classy Quartz designs, you’re sure to be pleased with the results!
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Add Bi-Fold Doors for an Elegant Effect

This effect can be further enhanced by the addition of bi-fold patio doors. Bi-fold doors consist of large, sliding glass screens; these will let a lot of light into your home, brightening it up and making it feel more airy and spacious. The doors can also be folded away completely, allowing you to really open up your interior living space. Where a standard back door will draw a line between you and your garden, folding patio doors can break down that barrier and make your internal and external spaces feel like one marvellous whole.
Installation using pedestal supports(no grouting required)

Discover Our Indoor / Outdoor Tile Range

If you’re already thinking of installing bi-fold doors in your property, consider including our gorgeous porcelain tiles in the project; the end result will be all the more effective. Use matching tiles for your indoor and outdoor flooring, and enjoy the smooth, seamless transition it creates!
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