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Beige Porcelain Tiles & Slabs

Our beige tiles and slabs are manufactured with the highest quality of porcelain and are rectified to ensure that all are the same size and all angles are exactly 90 degrees.

All of our porcelain products contain low levels of porosity, resulting in minimal risk of water damage and staining. Spills and mess can be easily wiped away and cleaned, meaning you don’t have to spend time figuring out how to properly clean your floor, one of the many reasons why our beige tiles and slabs are the perfect choice for any living space.

Beige Tile
Grip Factor

Grip Factor Rating

Every PrimaPorcelain product is given a ‘Grip Factor’ rating between 1 (very low slip resistance) and 5 (very high slip resistance). Our beige tiles offer varying degrees of slip resistance - be sure to check your chosen product's Grip Factor rating before you make a selection. Any tile or slab with a rating of 2 or below is only suitable for interior use, whereas higher-rated products can be used outdoors where they might be exposed to high levels of moisture.

Shade Variation

Shade Variation

Our beige porcelain products offer low levels of shade variation, meaning that the differences in colour between each individual tile and slab are subtle. This results in a finished floor that consists of higher levels of consistency in colour, shade and tone. 


Smooth or Textured?

The finish of our beige porcelain products varies depending on their thickness. Our 10mm interior porcelain tiles are manufactured with a smooth or fine textured grip finish, providing touch and comfort suitable for the use within interior spaces. Our 20mm porcelain paving slabs are finished with a textured grip to provide adequate levels of grip to be used within exterior spaces such as swimming pool surrounds and paths. Both choices not only provide suitability for their respective settings, but also provide an appealing natural stone appearance, perfect if you’re looking for an authentic feel.

Dry-install 20mm Beige Porcelain Paving

Using our innovative pedestal paving system, you are able to dry-install your 20mm beige porcelain slabs into your exterior space quickly and efficiently. Removing the need for any sort of adhesive, this is a simple task that any DIY enthusiast can complete - If you require any assistance, our team of professional installers are on hand to provide help when needed.

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