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Paving Calculator

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Rectangular Paving Slabs for Outdoor Installations

PrimaPorcelain’s 400 x 800mm tiles are available in a great selection of colours, and they’re every bit as beautiful as solid stone pavers. They are specifically designed for external use, and so they’re perfect for gardens, patios, balconies, roof terraces, driveways, and even swimming pool surrounds.

Stain ResistantStain-Resistant
Slip ResistantSlip-Resistant
Frost proofFrostproof
Fade ResistantFade-Resistant

Why Choose Our Tiles for Your Outdoor Space?

Porcelain paving is far less porous than natural stone, which means that our paving slabs absorb very little moisture. This is useful when your outdoor space is frequently exposed to rainfall, as virtually all British gardens are – when rain lands on PrimaPorcelain paving, it simply evaporates instead of being absorbed and potentially damaging your tiles. Our rectangular tiles also offer excellent slip resistance. Each of the products listed above has a high Grip Factor rating, so you can rest assured that your paved area won’t become too slippery, even in miserable weather.

Product Details
Rectified Paving Slabs

Rectified Paving Slabs

These rectangular porcelain tiles are rectified to ensure that each one is perfectly rectangular. All angles are precisely 90 degrees, and each individual tile measures exactly 400mm x 800mm.

High Shade Variation

High Shade Variation

Our rectangular paving slabs have a V4 shade variation rating, indicating a relatively high level of colour variety. You should notice a very appealing variegated effect throughout your paved area.

Textured/Grip Finish

Textured/Grip Finish

All of our outdoor paving products are engineered to deliver superb slip resistance. The 400 x 800mm tiles have a highly-textured surface that provides excellent grip and looks like real stone.

Dry-Install Your Paving Slabs With No Cement

Because our 400 x 800mm tiles are 20mm thick, you have the option of ‘dry-installing’ them – that is, laying them on our pedestal supports with no need for any cement or adhesive. This mess-free installation method makes laying your paving slabs exceptionally straightforward, and you’ll even be able to pick them up and move them to a different location in future if you wish.

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