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On Monday 23 March, UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson addressed the nation (full transcript here) and urged us to stay at home in order to slow the spread of COVID-19.

The days since then have mostly been warm and sunny, but instead of going to the seaside or congregating in local parks, conscientious homeowners have been forced to make the most of their own back gardens and patios.

Patio with white porcelain paving

Pictured: Bolzano White Porcelain Paving

Am I allowed to go out on the patio?

Yes - the current coronavirus guidelines state that you should only go out in public if it's absolutely essential (e.g. if you need to provide care for somebody or purchase basic necessities), but you're free to enjoy your own private outdoor space as long as you don't go within 2 metres of anyone from a different household.

This means that you can still tend to your garden, have a kickabout with the kids, or sit in your favourite lounger and soak up the sunshine.

Spending time outdoors is an important part of a healthy lifestyle. Yes, there's a pandemic in progress right now, but your body still needs exercise and vitamin D, just as it did before. So by all means, feel free to pop into the garden and get some fresh air!


Can I build a patio during the lockdown?

Thanks to COVID-19, lots of people are currently stuck at home with limited entertainment options. Unsurprisingly, many Britons are taking this opportunity to do a spot of DIY.

And since we're not supposed to be going out at the moment, what better project could there be than doing up the garden? Adding a patio to your outdoor living space may be easier than you think, and your reward will be a picturesque paved area where you can dine, exercise, read, play, sunbathe...and maybe even host a garden party once the government's social distancing recommendations have been relaxed!

Tirolo Cream porcelain paving

Pictured: Tirolo Cream Porcelain Paving

If you are thinking of building a patio while you self-isolate, outdoor tiles from PrimaPorcelain are an ideal choice of material. Our porcelain paving products are:

  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to install
  • Slip resistant
  • Scratch resistant
  • Fade and frost resistant
  • Strong and durable

PrimaPorcelain paving looks just as beautiful as natural stone, but with a lower porosity. Our paving slabs are incredibly versatile, and the 20mm thick products can be dry-installed without any cement or adhesive.

Our showrooms are currently closed, but our phone lines remain open and we can still deliver porcelain tiles to our customers in spite of the COVID-19 crisis. Give us a call on 01727 845788 to discuss your patio project.

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