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how patio tiles enhance lifestyle

When you shop for porcelain patio tiles with PrimaPorcelain, there will always be something for everyone. We stock an incredibly impressive variety of colours and styles to suit multiple needs. There are many benefits to using porcelain patio tiles in your outdoor space, and they can even enhance your lifestyle. 

Here's how...


It's Incredibly Aesthetic

At PrimaPorcelain, we're lucky to stock patio tiles with a huge range of colours, textures and patter variants. This means you can create beautifully unique outdoor spaces. No tile is ever the same and they offer authentic gradient patterns, so you can guarantee you'll be receiving a one of a kind patio style. We even provide indoor/outdoor tiles, allowing you to create a seamless divide between your home and outdoor area.

There's nothing better than being at home on a sunny evening and looking out to a relaxing and appealing outdoor space!


It's Easy to Clean

Porcelain patio tiles barely absorb any water whatsoever, so you'll never have to worry about water damage or staining. Our outdoor patio tiles are highly weather resistant so they rarely get slippery and they're also frost resistant, making them perfect for your outdoor space in the colder months.

To remove dust or dirt, simply use a hoover or a dry mop to sweep. For stubborn dirt, just use warm water and a mop! Ensure not to use corrosive chemicals such as ones containing ammonia, bleach or acids; this is because they can erode the grout, ruining the durability of your porcelain patio tiles.

They're renown for needing minimal maintenance, so endless scrubbing will be a thing from the past. For more information on how to clean porcelain patio tiles, check out our blog or our porcelain tile care and maintenance page.


It Can Increase the Value of Your Property

When you add patio tiles to your property, you can increase its value as you create an attractive and functional area that may be appealing to future home owners. In a 2021 study, it was shown that patios are 65% more attractive to buyers than decking. It was also revealed that grey patio tiles are 16% more likely to attract buyers in comparison to beige patio tiles


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