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20mm Tirolo Cream Detail

20mm Tirolo Cream Paving

Measuring at 60cm x 60cm each, these porcelain paving slabs are able to be used within a range of exterior designs. Due to their thicker composition, these slabs are able to be dry-installed using our pedestal support system as well as being traditionally installed using a suitable adhesive.

Thickness: 20mm Dimensions: 60cm x 60cm
Available in a 10mm thickness, these slabs can be used to create a truly seamless transition between your indoor and outdoor spaces.Order A Sample

Tirolo Cream Paving Key Features

Grip Factor - 5

Each PrimaPorcelain product is assigned a Grip Factor rating between 1 (very low slip resistance) and 5 (very high slip resistance). Since this product has been given a rating of 5, it has a very high slip resistance, suitable for use in virtually any outdoor space.

Shade Variation - Slight (V2)

A V2 Shade Variation rating means that this product contains slight difference in colour between each individual slab. The finished floor however will have a fairly consistent appearance when it comes to colour and shade.


This product has been created with a textured finish and high-grip surface. This provides both a natural stone look, as well as a fair amount of grip to be used within a number of exterior spaces.

A Closer Look at 20mm Tirolo Cream Paving

Images do not always do enough justice when it comes to bringing across a product’s true beauty. Our showcase video provides you with a detailed look at our 20mm Tirolo Cream paving slabs, giving you an opportunity to see just how these gorgeous slabs will look within your dream exterior space.Order A Sample
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Product Specifications
60cm x 60cm
Textured Grip
Weight of Slab
R Rating
Suitable Adhesive

Dry-install 20mm Tirolo Cream Paving

Installing our 20mm Tirolo Cream slabs couldn’t be easier! Using our revolutionary pedestal paving system, you are able to dry-install these silver slabs onto our innovative pedestal supports without the need for any adhesive whatsoever. A simple task that any DIY enthusiast can complete - If you require any assistance, our team of professional installers are on hand to provide help when needed.Find Out More

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