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Balcony paving slabs

Case Study: Porcelain Paving Project in Oxshott

We supplied a large order of porcelain paving slabs – complete with support pedestals and levellers – to Octagon Developments, a property development firm based in Surrey. They needed an external paving solution for a prestigious property in Oxshott; the home, worth more than five million pounds, boasts a picturesque balcony on its first floor, and it was this outdoor area that brought the Octagon team to us.

In response to this enquiry, we dispatched a free sample pack to Octagon’s headquarters in Surrey. The pack contained several porcelain paving samples, along with a copy of PrimaPorcelain’s full-colour brochure. This is a complimentary service that we offer to all customers and clients – we’re very proud of our porcelain products, and we feel that one must see and feel them in person in order to truly appreciate their quality.

We quickly heard back from Octagon Developments, who had received our sample pack and decided that our Italian Limestone Champagne paving would be ideal for the balcony of their Oxshott property.

Additional Products & Services

As you can see, our paving slabs weren’t the only items we provided for this project – we also supplied a number of support pedestals and levellers, which allow our paving products to be dry-installed without any mortar or adhesive of any kind.

Speaking of installation, this was yet another service that we delivered over the course of this project. Our professional installers travelled to Oxshott and installed the pavers to the highest possible standard, resulting in a truly spectacular outdoor living space that more than does justice to this luxurious home.

We’re pleased to announce that Octagon Developments were completely satisfied with the various services we provided, and they were thrilled with the finished balcony (as were we!).

If you are a property developer and you’d like to learn more about PrimaPorcelain and the services we offer, please don’t hesitate to get in touch. Our telephone number is 029 2080 3750, or you can email We look forward to hearing from you.