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If you are considering redesigning your outdoor living space, bathroom or even your kitchen you may have considered investing in slip-resistant flooring.

Around the home slips and falls on wet surfaces is one of the leading causes of injury. To minimise the risk of these accidents it is advised that slip resistant flooring is installed.  Our range of porcelain tiles and paving slabs come with a variety of different finishes. It is these finishes that will determine the slip resistances of your porcelain tiles.

Here at Prima Porcelain, most of the tiles we provide are available in 4 finishes


  • Textured/ Grip finish – this finish is highly recommended for outdoor use.
  • Fine Textured – suitable for indoor and outdoor use
  • Smooth finishes – not recommended for outdoor use
  • Polished – not recommended for outdoor use 





vogue Black


Take, for example, our Vogue Black tiles.  These gorgeous tiles make a bold statement when installed indoors or out. These tiles come in 3 different finishes – Polished, Smooth and Textured. 

The polished tiles have a grip factor of 1, meaning that they are unsuitable to be used outside, in a kitchen or in a bathroom. However they would make for a stunning addition to any contemporary living room, breakfast room or hallway.



The smooth tiles are specifically designed to be slip resistant, and with a grip factor of 3, these tiles significantly reduce the risk of slips and falls in areas where the floors may get wet, for instance, Kitchens and bathrooms.  Because of the mid-range grip factor of these tiles, we strongly advise that they are only used indoors.   


 It is important to note that the different finishes all have significant differences in their appearance. We know that having a stunning, smooth bathroom floor is appealing, but please chose your finishes wisely, and ensure that you have the slip resistant flooring in areas of your home where the risk of slipping is significant.  Although, we believe it is truly impossible to eliminate the risk of slipping. By choosing our slip resistant porcelain tiles you are significantly reducing the risk of slips and falls.

If you would like more information about our slip resistant flooring options, click here. Alternatively, you can speak a member of our expert team by calling 029 2080 3750.