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One of the major advantages that comes with investing in Prima's tiled flooring, is that our material is virtually maintenance-free, thanks to its unique design and texture. The main contributing factor to the build-up of dirt and staining is a high porosity level, which means that the material is more absorbent and therefore more prone to picking up marks. Our tiles have a porosity level of only 0.05%, which means that they do not allow moisture to enter the material. This innovative quality removes the need for the application of a sealant, as well as the need for regular, thorough cleaning, alleviating all of the drawbacks associated with natural stone. 
tiled garden patio
Thanks to their anti-stain, low maintenance quality, the only upkeep you should have to perform on outdoor tiles is a clean with warm, soapy water once a year. This is simply to remove any organic debris, such as soil grass and leaves etc.  For those using their tiles indoors, a weekly mop is recommended to keep your tiles gleaming and pristine.
Although your flooring should largely stay crystal clear and stain-free, we understand that life can sometimes be a messy business. For this reason, we have put together a handy guide which highlights the best detergents and cleaners for particular stains, ranging from oils and rust to paints and pen marks. 
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