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Paved garden

Now that winter is out of the way and spring is right on our doorstep, you can make a start on sprucing up your home ready for the warmer weather and the easing of lockdown restrictions!

One way you can do this is by giving your garden a paving overhaul, replacing the tired, worn slabs that have been there for years with some new, sleek and stylish slabs that are not only guaranteed to catch the eye of any passerby but slabs that will last the test of time and withstand the elements!

One question that is commonly asked when it comes to new paving projects, however, is whether planning permission is needed. So, if you're planning on laying new paving and are wondering the same, PrimaPorcelain is here to help!


Let's talk planning permission

Planning permission in the UK can be a little difficult to understand thanks to all of the rules and regulations that you have to abide by. Failing to do so can lead to years of disputes, costly fines and sometimes notices to undo the work that you've already done. So, if you're unsure about what permission you're going to need, here's a brief rundown.

If you plan on laying paving slabs using a permeable material, such as certain concretes of gravel, you will not usually need to apply for planning permission as these allow rainwater to drain nicely through to the ground. However, if you are not using a permeable material, you will have to apply for permission as rainfall will not be naturally absorbed. Other situations that require permission include:

  • If you plan on paving an area greater than 5 metres squared

  • If your paved area is likely to impact access for neighbouring properties


Improving your chances of planning permission

There are several things that you can do that can help your chances of being awarded planning permission when laying paving in your garden or driveway. These are:

  • Allowing rainwater to naturally soak into the ground by installing a rain garden around the edge of your new paving

  • Installing a synthetic soakaway that also allows rainwater to naturally drain away

  • Installing wheel tracks which is a paved area that covers the width of a vehicle's tyres allowing rainwater to run off and drain away


Things to think about before laying your paving

Before you start laying your new paving slabs ask yourself the following things to decide whether or not you're likely to require planning permission. Are you thinking about dropping the kerb outside of your property to allow vehicle access? Is your building listed? And finally, are you planning to build any banks or terracing for your new paved garden?

If the answer to any of these questions is YES, then you are likely going to need to at least enquire about obtaining planning permission as these will have a direct impact on how water is drained away from your street.

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